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NetApp Outlines Strategy to Deliver Seamless Cloud Data Management that Bridges Public and Private Cloud

New solutions and partner integrations built on clustered Data ONTAP provide a storage and data management foundation to enable organizations to move confidently to hybrid cloud architectures

Jay Kidd, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NetApp
“Regardless of the ultimate computing destination, the CIO will maintain ownership of the organization’s data. The introduction of new multicloud architectures makes data governance more complex because data is distributed, and not under direct control. Our vision is to create an enterprise data management solution, with the clustered Data ONTAP® operating system at its core, which will span the customers’ data storage landscape, irrespective of data type or location.”

News Summary
CIOs are moving from being builders and operators of data centers to becoming brokers of application and information services. They are embracing new technologies and service models to deliver IT faster, cheaper, and smarter, while making their companies more responsive and competitive.

Public cloud computing is at the forefront of this dramatic shift in IT. Organizations increasingly look to integrate public cloud services to offer predictable costs, faster provisioning, and infinite scale. More and more, organizations are turning to hybrid cloud environments to optimize costs, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks. In this reality, data must travel across multiple clouds seamlessly – from private to public to hybrid models – while providing IT with the necessary control to centrally manage, govern, and transport data across discrete cloud resources.

Today, NetApp extended its strategy and commitment to provide seamless cloud management across any blend of private and public cloud resources. NetApp’s strategy is to use the world’s number-one branded storage operating system, Data ONTAP, as a universal data platform across cloud environments. Data ONTAP software will enable dynamic data portability across all clouds and will support extensive customer choice for application, technology, and cloud partner options. Already more than 175 cloud service providers deliver cloud services built on Data ONTAP. IDC has named NetApp Data ONTAP as the world’s number-one branded storage operating system.[*]

News Facts

  • Today NetApp outlined its vision for seamless data management across any blend of private and public clouds. Its vision centers on three strategic pillars:
  • The formation of a universal data platform with NetApp Data ONTAP software that removes the control challenges of managing discrete cloud resources. Data ONTAP builds on 20 years of innovation to provide customers with a common cloud data fabric and seamlessly connect cloud resources. NetApp will further integrate its software into existing and forthcoming private cloud, large-scale public cloud, and hyperscale cloud service provider solutions to help organizations optimize IT delivery and harness the speed, flexibility, and economics of the public cloud.
  • The introduction of new technology for dynamic data portability across cloud resources, whether on or off premises. NetApp will utilize its universal data container to make it easier to move data and workloads across instances of Data ONTAP in a multicloud environment, boosting IT efficiency and enabling new, and innovative hybrid cloud architectures.
  • NetApp will continue to deliver solutions that support extensive customer choice enabling companies to adopt the right solutions for their business. With the broadest ecosystem of cloud providers, application, and technology partner options, NetApp meets the demands of diverse customer needs. NetApp and its global partners, in the coming months, will announce new solutions that accelerate the transition to hybrid cloud architectures. These announcements will include deeper integrations for business applications in the cloud, new converged infrastructure reference architectures, secure cloud backup, and disaster recovery solutions.

Technology News In-Depth

  • A Universal Data Platform Built on clustered Data ONTAP
    With more IT organizations complementing private cloud infrastructure with public cloud services, NetApp’s patented clustered Data ONTAP software provides a common fabric for storage and data management across all cloud resources. Available in NetApp optimized systems (FAS systems), for third-party hardware (V-Series), within converged infrastructures (the FlexPod® data center platform), and as a virtual storage appliance for commodity disk drives (Data ONTAP-V), clustered Data ONTAP is a flexible and efficient storage platform that enables nondisruptive operations and near-infinite scalability.
    • In the upcoming months, NetApp and Cisco will deepen the integration of clustered Data ONTAP into the FlexPod converged infrastructure with the introduction of new reference architectures aimed at large-scale cloud service provider and enterprise multi-tenant environments. The new features build on the success that more than 2,400 customers have had moving to private clouds with FlexPod.
    • NetApp will continue to expand its leadership in the software-defined storage market with clustered Data ONTAP and enable application owners through API integrations. This leadership includes expanded investments in connecting to hyperscale cloud service providers, more robust quality-of-service capabilities, and expanded API integrations with emerging solutions like OpenStack and CloudStack. Learn more about customers moving to software-defined data centers with NetApp for VMware environments.
  • Dynamic Data Portability Across Clouds
    NetApp allows customers to move data and workloads with ease across all instances of Data ONTAP in a multicloud environment. At Oracle OpenWorld (September 24 – 27) NetApp will showcase technology for “on-the-fly” hypervisor translation as workloads travel across disparate environments. This technology will complement an existing product portfolio for data transport that includes SnapMirror® technology, the number one data replication software. SnapMirror will be enhanced to support easy replication of data to private or public cloud resources for data protection and disaster recovery.
  • Extensive Choices for Technologies, Applications and Public Cloud Service Providers
    NetApp will continue to provide an extensive array of customer choices for hybrid cloud operations while avoiding competition with its ecosystem of public cloud service provider partners. As part of its strategy, NetApp supports all major cloud operating environments, virtualization frameworks, application deployment models, and cloud management solutions. In the upcoming months, the company will announce integrations with flagship providers in each of these key areas, including new contributions to OpenStack and CloudStack, and new partnerships with large-scale hyperscale cloud service providers.
    More than 175 cloud service providers deliver services built on NetApp storage. Those partners offer more than 300 NetApp-based cloud services to the market. The company’s technology integrations have been celebrated by its global partners, including Microsoft, who recently named NetApp Server Partner of the Year, and last year named NetApp Private Cloud Partner of the Year.

Industry Perspectives
Cynthia Stoddard, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO), NetApp
Watch NetApp CIO Cynthia Stoddard explain how she’s embracing the hybrid cloud future and what the cloud is enabling today.

Phil Brotherton, Vice President, Cloud Solutions Group (CSG), NetApp
Watch NetApp Vice President Phil Brotherton discuss how Data ONTAP creates a seamless bridge across clouds.

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About NetApp
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[*]IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker Q4 2012, March 2013 (Open Networked Disk Storage Systems Revenue).

Cloud Supporting Quotes Sheet


Wayne Pauley, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
“Many companies are currently considering or already in the process of making the transition to the cloud. ESG research shows that concerns with security, data protection, and management are all top of mind issues for them. NetApp designed its platform to provide the protection and controls the data center counts on and extends to the cloud with clustered Data ONTAP. NetApp’s platform is an important part of the cloud fabric ranging from the capabilities built into Data ONTAP to their partnerships with all the major cloud vendors.”


Raj Dasgupta, IT director, Exostar
“Customers come to Exostar when they have requirements for highly secure, highly scalable collaboration in the cloud for very large communities of partners and suppliers. NetApp technology has helped make our IT environment more scalable, reduced overall costs, and increased our ROI on IT. We appreciate the value of NetApp’s continued cloud strategy, which mirrors our approach for delivering secure identity management, B2B collaboration, and supply chain management solutions to our Aerospace & Defense and Life Sciences customers.”

Michael Clark, chief technology officer, Photobucket
“Photobucket stores more than 13 billion images and five million more are uploaded to our site daily. We are the definition of a cloud-based solution. By working with NetApp we have been able to continue growing while not sacrificing service to our customers. The cloud and our need for cloud solutions is at the core of our business and by working with NetApp this focus will not waver. NetApp’s cloud strategy will allow us to continue leveraging clustered Data ONTAP solutions so we are confident our cloud architecture is built on a solid foundation.”

Bill Tohtz, chief architect, Sayers
“NetApp is a proven partner to Sayers and has provided us with a storage foundation for our cloud solution. NetApp’s vision enables seamless cloud management across any blend of public and private cloud resources. Through our partnership with NetApp, we're able to help organizations respond instantly to ever-changing demands while enhancing IT services with flexible and agile solutions. We look forward to continuing our relationship with NetApp, to continue providing a secure, efficient cloud infrastructure for businesses."

Wojciech Biernacki, IT Systems Administrator, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
“As one of the oldest public universities in the U.S. we have seen significant changes over the years, especially with regards to technology. The cloud, with its speed, flexibility and economics, helps us deliver the IT systems that support our students, faculty, and staff. We have enjoyed working with NetApp as they have provided us with the storage and data management needed to support a great learning environment. We look forward to continuing the relationship as NetApp expands its cloud strategy and solutions.”

Technology Alliance Partners

Krishna Subramanian, vice president of product marketing, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix
“Businesses are transforming to the cloud to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce with agility and efficiency. Many of our desktop virtualization customers and the over 200 production clouds deployed on Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack are using NetApp Clustered ONTAP. NetApp and Citrix are helping our joint customers accelerate cloud time-to-value by deepening the integration between these products to efficiently and seamlessly orchestrate both existing enterprise applications and new cloud-native applications along a single control plane.”

Eugene Saburi, general manager, Cloud OS Marketing, Microsoft
"Both Microsoft, with its Cloud OS vision, and NetApp view the automation of virtualized server and storage technologies as enabling whole new levels of IT efficiency and agility. With the release of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft System Center R2, Microsoft is delighted to collaborate with strong partners such as NetApp, building on an advanced platform that delivers groundbreaking performance, compliance and scalability in a hybrid cloud infrastructure."

Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, Virtualization, Red Hat
"NetApp and Red Hat have long collaborated to deliver solutions that offer industry-leading performance, scalability, and efficiency to organizations looking to realize the full value of open source in their IT infrastructure. We look forward to working with NetApp to accelerate the transition to the cloud for our customers through the powerful combination of NetApp's clustered Data ONTAP with Red Hat's innovative open hybrid cloud solutions."

Sanjay Katyal, vice president, Global Alliances & OEMS, VMware
“For more than 13 years, NetApp and VMware have partnered to create innovative virtualization and cloud solutions to help customers evolve their IT infrastructure to meet changing business requirements. Clustered Data ONTAP with VMware vSphere enables organizations to harness the flexibility, speed and agility of the software-defined data center.”

NetApp Distributors and Resellers

John Murphy, executive vice president, Advance Systems Group (ASG)
“Many of our clients struggle to integrate cloud computing technologies into their IT environments. Fortunately, NetApp’s strategy for providing seamless cloud management across private and public cloud resources means that our clients can finally manage and control the data in their clouds to accelerate IT innovation and responsiveness. With NetApp’s integrated data portability technologies, ASG customers can truly build cloud environments that fit their organizations.”

Kurt Klein, CEO, CMT
“Harnessing the speed, flexibility and economics of the cloud is top of mind for our fast-growing SMB, commercial, and large enterprise customers. With NetApp's extended strategy to provide seamless cloud management across any blend of public and private cloud resources coupled with CMT's cloud portfolio, with solutions including infrastructure as a service, backup and DR as a service, our customers now have access to an ecosystem of cloud resources that will enable them to optimize their IT delivery and operations cost-effectively and with confidence.”

Paul Lidsky, president & CEO, Datalink
“Since most organizations will leverage multi-cloud environments (private, public, hybrid), the need for data governance and portability is accentuated. NetApp’s cloud strategy is in lockstep with this business requirement. Innovations, like Clustered Data ONTAP offer a number of compelling benefits to organizations. Datalink helps organizations transform to service-oriented, cloud-based technologies, and IT processes that drive greater business value.”

Mark Melvin, CTO, ePlus
“ePlus believes that NetApp’s universal data platform capabilities will enable our customers to begin to realize benefits of the Hybrid Cloud. The expansion of NetApp’s offering to more than 175 service providers delivers greater flexibility and choice for dynamic data portability. Growing customer interest in NetApp’s private storage for AWS and the availability of these additional choices present an even more attractive starting point for the Hybrid Cloud.”