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Patient-centric solutions across the continuum of care

Healthcare and life science solutions that provide data continuity with the power to accelerate clinical insights and improve health outcomes.

Healthcare & life sciences at NetApp

Designed to care

We pair innovative, industry leading, validated, and certified solutions with innovative veterans who focus on the entire spectrum of  healthcare from provider, payer to life sciences, dedicated to the mission of improving the lives of others.

From former provider CIOs, to hospital clinicians, telehealth and medical imaging specialists to bio tech and data scientists, our team acts as an extension of yours to ensure the lowest TCO, with our tested, secure, compliant, non-disruptive and highly performant solutions for clinical workloads.

The “Always-On” access that NetApp ONTAP offers is critical for Tucson Medical Center's performance

98 % of healthcare applications virtualized
4 ms Latency reduced from 15ms to 4ms
~ 20 mins Accelerated ability to spin up dev environments – in 20 minutes instead of two days

Simplify, accelerate & save

Simplify clinical data management and optimize resiliency with a single hybrid-cloud platform that runs non-disruptively with a single OS. Consolidate the data center footprint, eliminate data silos and seamlessly secure, store and share clinical data for faster access, diagnosis and treatment.

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Shorten time to diagnosis

Where seconds can mean life or death the highest level of clinical application performance should be expected. NetApp certifies and validates its solutions with leading clinical EHR and PACS ISVs.

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Continuity of care

Non-disruptive operations in healthcare is foundational in achieving positive patient outcomes. Healthcare relies on data management solutions that are continuous, fault tolerant, secure and resilient.

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Data is the lifeblood of good care, protect it

Extending access to clinical data has its risks. Robust encryption at-rest and in-flight, predictive data protection strategies, identification of PHI at-risk, and real-time data recovery is essential in the fight against cyber attacks and ransomware.

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NetApp solutions for the Healthcare industry

Purpose built to give you screaming clinical application performance, supported by non-disrupted operational continuity with built-in security and monitoring.

Extreme performance for EHR and PACS

Leading the next healthcare frontier with our hybrid-cloud enabled, “faster than flash” NVMe technology all through a single, consolidated system validated by major clinical ISVs, together speeding time to diagnosis and treatment.

AI in medicine

AI in medicine can automate administration, improve diagnosis, and power drug development.  Advancements in AI are improving health outcomes, reducing clinician burnout, and driving significant cost savings. With NetApp, you can remove data silos and prescribe a highly effective course for AI success.

Extending care with telehealth

Connect to critical data and applications with scale on demand for effective delivery of telehealth. NetApp solutions for VDI provide secure, low-latency access and availability to patient information and virtual care delivery workflows.


Precision care is the next horizon in healthcare—and genomic data is the key to personalizing treatment. Put the power of the genome to work for your patients.

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Michigan Medicine Innovating With Cloud Transformation

Michigan Medicine is joining other leading healthcare organizations in expanding its use of cloud for right-sizing compute and storage capacity on-demand. This improved agility delivers cost efficiency, with the added benefit of enhanced cyber resiliency.

From our customers 

See how customers succeed with NetApp solutions for the healthcare & life science industries.

The movement of workloads from the private cloud to our public cloud was time consuming. Scientists couldn’t do anything with the data, until we migrated it. We needed a hybrid, multi-cloud data fabric to move data to any cloud from any cloud.

Scott Hunter, Global Infrastructure Services Director, AstraZeneca

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University of Michigan Medicine

Michigan Medicine is joining other leading healthcare organizations in expanding its use of cloud for right-sizing compute and storage capacity on-demand. This improved agility delivers cost efficiency, with the added benefit of enhanced cyber resiliency.

Michigan Medicine University of Michigan

Transforming modern surgery

Aiding NISI Group’s (NISI) mission to become a world leader in non-invasive surgical innovations.

nisi group

Utilizing a hybrid cloud to fuel innovation

Siemens Healthineers are pioneers in healthcare and those breakthroughs are accelerated by their hybrid cloud.

siemens healthineers

Boosting care with connected data

Designing a Data Fabric around the needs of those who depend on it to do their job every day.

hannover medical school

Find the expertise you need

Cloud for Healthcare: Delve into NetApp's extensive and complete set of solutions for storing, managing, and securing healthcare data in the cloud -- whether public, private, or hybrid. 

AI: Discover how NetApp can help healthcare data science teams do their jobs more efficiently and deploy turnkey machine learning environments both on premises and in the cloud.

Public Health: Realize the possibilities to improve public health. Design a flexible and agile health IT infrastructure to securely use real-time data to prevent, protect and respond effectively during times of uncertainty.

NetApp solutions for payers: Discuss infrastructure solutions that support complex payer analytics, claims management and enable seamless data integration from edge to core to cloud.

Security: Explore NetApp Security Solutions for Healthcare.  Understand how NetApp’s comprehensive data protection solutions provide a first line of defense around critical data assets.

Pharma/LS: Learn More About NetApp solutions for Life Sciences.  Discuss data, infrastructure, cloud, security and analytics strategies and solutions for acceleration in the life sciences.

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Unlock the best of cloud

Did you know that the top three hyperscalers—Amazon, Microsoft, and Google—asked us to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime?

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Build a data-driven culture

Visit our sponsored Wall Street Journal content hub to see how healthcare businesses can leverage information, fuel innovation, and drive transformation.

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