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Embrace sustainability

With global electricity demand from data centers expected to double by 2026,Electricity 2024 - Analysis and forecast to 2026,” International Energy Agency (IEA), January 2024. it’s urgent to act. Lower your carbon footprint using analytics, data stewardship, and highly efficient on-premises and cloud storage.


Meet your sustainability challenges with an intelligent data infrastructure

Enable frictionless operations, secure your data, and quickly adapt to your changing business needs.

Unified data storage

Intelligent storage for all your data.

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Integrated data services

Cyber resilience, governance, and application agility.

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CloudOps solutions

Performance with AI-powered optimization.

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Celebrating with our partners and customers

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“The work we are doing together… has been breakthrough work.
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“With NetApp… we meet the customer on their journey, where they are.”
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“It’s great to have… the synergies of our two companies.”
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Without data, we can’t even get the car to move, let alone race.”
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“Greater speeds, more flexibility, reliability and performance.
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“We can now move huge amounts of data at high speed.
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