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Every day, new data points are created, analyzed, and used to build the entertainment, vehicles, and safety standards of tomorrow. But that data is useless if it’s not in your team’s hands when it matters most. From automotive safety standards to captivating animated films, our partners trust NetApp to keep their data safe and accessible, whether in the cloud, on-prem, or both.

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Brand partnerships that unlock the best of cloud

We work hard to retain our spot at the top when it comes to simplifying and modernizing your data infrastructure, and we seek the same vision and drive in our partners. NetApp has formed strategic partnerships with equally innovative brands who are leading the way in the media, entertainment, sports, esports, and —as of recently —gaming industries.

NetApp and The Overwatch League

As a new (and proud) sponsor of the Overwatch League™, NetApp is excited to work with the Overwatch League on bringing new solutions to life that elevate the fan experience to the next level.

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Leveling up the player’s experience

NetApp and the Overwatch League are developing a way to better use the data generated from league game-play. These sessions create massive amounts of incredibly valuable data, which requires even more from the league's data infrastructure.

In the coming months, NetApp and the Overwatch League will look to establish the first of many collaborative solutions that will enable the Overwatch League to maximize their data infrastructure. With NetApp's world-class data-management technology brought to bear, the league will be able to deliver even more engaging content for fans and players around the world.

NetApp and Aston Martin

Automakers like Aston Martin, along with their suppliers, trust NetApp to help build a data fabric that moves their digital transformation into the fast lane. Our solutions deliver the data mobility and manufacturing agility needed to unlock the potential of automotive AI, raise the I.Q. of smart factories and ensure that data access never gets in the way of innovation.

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A partnership driven by transformation

After a 61-year hiatus from Formula One™, iconic British luxury carmaker Aston Martin shakes up this year’s starting grid with the world’s first truly modern F1™ team. With the introduction of Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team (AMCF1™), the company deepens its organization-wide transformation by using the near universal love of motorsport (and data) to engage a new wave of fans.

Broad in scope and ambitious in vision, our partnership with AMCF1™ leverages the work Aston Martin’s luxury car group has already done with NetApp to boost their trackside performance, increase their agility, and accelerate their digital transformation.

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NetApp and DreamWorks

DreamWorks Animation creates today’s most amazing animated feature films, generating a lot of data in the process. Learn how their data fabric is helping facilitate their team’s creative process.

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DreamWorks Animation Uses the Power of Data to Bring Imagination to Life

The key for DreamWorks is ensuring that the right data is in front of the right artists, at the right time. Through their joint engineering innovation partnership with NetApp, DreamWorks can stay ahead of the curve by adapting to future production trends with the flexibility provided by NetApp technology.

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NetApp and Ducati

In 2018, Ducati and NetApp first teamed up to pursue their mutually shared goal of getting the most out of the data generated by the racing world. This has led to increasing the use of hyperconverged (HCI) solutions and putting NetApp’s flash solutions to work across the expansive Ducati data environment.

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Two giants of industry continue their partnership

Ducati, with the help of NetApp, has been busy delivering innovation and carrying out numerous digital projects, ranging from the data management on the HPC simulations for motorcycle aerodynamics to the collaboration of development of connected motorcycles, including development of the distributed data storage for the backend of the Ducati Link app.

NetApp’s President, Cesar Cernuda, said, “We have seen a tremendous evolution though digitalization in the entire automotive industry. We are happy to be part of this journey, supporting Ducati to bring its customers and riders a more safe, fun, and high performing experience, while contributing to the company’s overall success”.

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Well-organized data is the secret ingredient to any brand’s ability to provide a continuously-improving customer experience, and the secret of the truly organized is a robust data fabric. Partner with NetApp to rein in, consolidate, de-silo, and organize everything from on-prem to cloud to hybrid.

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