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Google Cloud data management solutions from NetApp

Powerful cloud storage for business-critical apps—made simple

Migrate and run even your most complex enterprise applications faster, more easily, and more securely with advanced cloud data services from NetApp and Google Cloud.

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Introducing Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

Automated, high-performance file storage for your enterprise applications

Confidently migrate to the cloud with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, a fully managed storage solution from Google Cloud. Lift and optimize enterprise applications and critical workloads in minutes—all without refactoring code or redesigning processes.

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Woot woot! We’re a Google Cloud Partner of the Year

NetApp is proud to be named a Google Cloud Partner of the Year in two key categories. We’ve been recognized for creating industry-leading solutions and strong customer experiences with Google Cloud.

Reduce costs for a 3-year ROI of 457%

NetApp® Cloud Volumes saved organizations an average of $4.7 million annually by:

  • Drastically reducing unplanned outages and downtime
  • Improving infrastructure management and disaster recovery performance
  • Increasing end-user productivity through data availability and agility

Get more from Google Cloud

Explore solutions to migrate, manage, and secure even your most demanding workloads.

Modernize VMware workloads in the cloud

Scale storage independently of compute and optimize your VMware infrastructure.

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Migrate Windows workloads

Streamline deployment, run apps faster, and scale on demand to meet the needs of critical Windows workloads.

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Simplify operations and accelerate workloads

Navigate hybrid cloud complexities with proven approaches to get the most from your data.

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Safeguard your data

Enable data governance across your entire data estate with built-in protection, threat detection, and rapid recovery capabilities.

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Together, we offer a more innovative, powerful cloud

With NetApp and Google Cloud, you can migrate apps with ease, simplify cloud operations, and confidently protect everything.

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We have the ultimate toolkit of integrated data services that can help you manage your data and quickly migrate even the most complex enterprise applications.

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