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Google Cloud services

: Data management solutions from NetApp

Confidently tackle your challenges by using storage that integrates with innovative solutions from Google Cloud. Migrate and run enterprise apps faster and more efficiently. Get simplicity and scale with unified control from your data center to the cloud.

Intelligent cloud services for enterprise applications

Explore solutions to migrate, manage, and secure even your most demanding workloads.

Unlock business value with AI capabilities

Securely blend your proprietary data with public LLMs to make your queries more relevant—and competitive. Simplify retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) using the NetApp GenAI Toolkit to seamlessly pair private data with the expansive Google Cloud Vertex AI platform.

Modernize VMware workloads in Google Cloud

Optimize your VMware infrastructure. Scale storage independently of compute and significantly reduce your TCO.

Deploy SAP on Google Cloud

Quickly move SAP shared file workloads without refactoring code or redesigning processes. Integrate SAP data with Google’s analytics for greater insights.

Migrate Windows workloads

Streamline deployment, run apps faster, and scale on demand to meet the needs of critical Windows workloads.

Quickly launch, run, and scale your applications

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes is a fully managed, enterprise-grade storage service that delivers performance, data protection, and integration with the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Our customers are our strongest advocates


Power any data type, application, or workload with an intelligent data infrastructure from NetApp.

Reduce costs for a 3-year ROI of 457%

NetApp Volumes saved organizations an average of $4.7 million annually by:

  • Drastically reducing unplanned outages and downtime 
  • Improving infrastructure management and disaster recovery performance 
  • Increasing end-user productivity through data availability and agility


Meet with a specialist

Book a 1:1 strategy session to get guidance from an expert. We’ll go over your business challenges, answer any questions, and show you how to get more value from Google Cloud.

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