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NetApp CEO George Kurian: The Digital Economy ‘Rewrites The Rules’ 2020 Oct 27
NetApp Goes ‘Storageless’ with Updated Data Services 2020 Oct 26
NetApp debuts new ‘storageless’ storage platform for Kubernetes apps 2020 Oct 26
NetApp Updates Storage Software, Services, Hardware With Eye On Cloud (CRN) 2020 Oct 20
NetApp OnTap 9.8 revamps replication, storage arrays (TechTarget:Search Storage) 2020 Oct 20
NetApp takes inspiration from the cloud in its latest ONTAP software update (ZDNet) 2020 Oct 20
Anna Schlegel of NetApp: “Why you should create an environment where your team can innovate and push boundaries” (Authority Magazine) 2020 Oct 09
DreamWorks keeps production on track with AIOps (CIO) 2020 Sep 21
10 Key Takeaways From NetApp CEO George Kurian: Cloud, Coronavirus And Growth (CRN) 2020 Aug 31
NetApp's chief information officer explains July 2021 return-to-office plan (SVBJ) 2020 Aug 20
NetApp Data Fabric aids manufacturer's gene-sequencing gear (TechTarget) 2020 Aug 13
Azure NetApp Files Now Available to Government Agencies in Microsoft Azure (Container Journal) 2020 Aug 04
How Aligning AI Project Teams Can Ensure AI Success (EnterpriseAI) 2020 Jun 19
NetApp Deploys Iguazio’s Data Science Platform for Optimized Storage Management (insideHPC) 2020 Jun 10
NetApp hybrid cloud infrastructure management hits the Spot (TechTarget) 2020 Jun 09
Full cloud ahead: Storage giant NetApp buys cloud cost control startup Spot (SiliconANGLE) 2020 Jun 03
NetApp Grabs CloudJumper to Manage Windows Desktops in the Cloud (DevOps) 2020 May 30
NetApp acquires cloud-based virtual desktop provider CloudJumper (SiliconANGLE) 2020 May 29
Big Changes Mean New Opportunities for NetApp Channel Partners (Channel Futures) 2020 May 29
NetApp Channel Chief Jim Elder: Big Changes, Opportunities Coming For Partners (CRN) 2020 May 21
Get from Here to Anywhere with Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (The New Stack) 2020 May 18
NetApp coronavirus response a seamless fit with transition to cloud strategy. (ChannelBuzz) 2020 May 11
NetApp's New Entry-Level HCI Offering Lets Partners Target Edge Deployments (CRN) 2020 May 06
News NetApp Introduces Project Astra for Kubernetes Portability (SDxCentral) 2020 Apr 22
With Project Astra, NetApp aims to enable true portability for Kubernetes-based applications (SiliconANGLE) 2020 Apr 22
NetApp Helping Partners Maximize Existing Gear (Channelnomics) 2020 Apr 15
NetApp digs into Talon Storage for Cloud OnTap (TechTarget) 2020 Mar 10
NetApp Acquires Talon Storage, Brings ROBO Capabilities To NetApp's Cloud Tech (CRN) 2020 Mar 09
NOTICIAS NetApp, a la busca y captura de partners cloud nativos 2020 Feb 27
SSD reliability in the enterprise: This survey yields a few surprises (ZDNet) 2020 Feb 25
NetApp celebra 20 años en España: desde el almacenamiento unificado a Kubernetes 2020 Feb 25
La importancia de la seguridad de los datos en un mundo de cloud híbrido 2020 Feb 10
Data Fabric es la gran apuesta de NetApp para los entornos multicloud 2020 Feb 07
NetApp Hires Former Intel, Lenovo Exec To Manage Its Largest Business Unit (CRN) 2020 Jan 17
NetApp ONTAP 9.7 Review (StorageReview) 2020 Jan 02
5G, blockchain y virtualización basada en software, tendencias para este año 2020 Jan 02
NetApp tops IDC’s inaugural scale-out file storage Marketscape (Blocks & Files) 2019 Dec 24
California DGS Moves to Modernize Its Data Center (StateTech Magazine) 2019 Dec 19
The 10 Hottest SSD And Flash Storage Products Of 2019 (CRN) 2019 Dec 16
NetApp’s channel to resell Data Dynamics Storage X software (Blocks & Files) 2019 Dec 11
NetApp’s Keystone hybrid cloud storage ‘try-before-you-buy’ for on-prem (ComputerWeekly) 2019 Dec 05
NetApp Channel Chief Explains How Partners Can Earn 20% Selling Its Hardware (Channel Futures) 2019 Dec 02
NetApp and Google Cloud, whose CEOs are twin brothers, announce an expanded partnership because 'it would be crazy for us not to bring our services there' (Business Insider) 2019 Nov 20
NetApp mantuvo estable su beneficio en su segundo trimestre fiscal en 221 millones 2019 Nov 14
NetApp Has Brought Data Fabric To Life For Customers (CRN TV) 2019 Nov 13
NetApp unveils its Keystone (IT World Canada) 2019 Nov 13
NetApp Shares How Partners Can Drive AI Into the Auto Industry (CRN TV) 2019 Nov 07
NetApp Takes Managed Kubernetes Service To The Next Level With VMware (CRN TV) 2019 Nov 04
Ignacio Villalgordo, NetApp: “con Keystone llevamos al máximo la flexibilidad en la forma en que comercializamos nuestras soluciones” 2019 Nov 04
Top Moments From NetApp Insight 2019 (CRN) 2019 Nov 01
NetApp CMO: ‘We Aren’t The Same Company We Were Three Years Ago’ 2019 Nov 01
DreamWorks Exec: 'When Data Is Your Product, Technology Is The Paintbrush’ (CRN) 2019 Oct 31
CRN Exclusive: NetApp CEO George Kurian On Keystone, Clouds And Competition (CRN) 2019 Oct 31
Why Reinvention of CX Requires Reinvention of Data Services (eWEEK) 2019 Oct 30
NetApp Launches Keystone Hybrid Storage Services with Subscription Billing (Channel Futures) 2019 Oct 30
How NetApp exemplifies the transition of IT vendors from equipment suppliers to service providers (diginomica) 2019 Oct 30
Expanded NetApp hybrid cloud tools pique enterprise interest (TechTarget) 2019 Oct 30
NetApp Keystone cements file vendor's hybrid cloud fabric (TechTarget) 2019 Oct 29
NetApp Introduces Keystone: Simplifying Storage For Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World (CRN) 2019 Oct 29
NetApp Turns to Developers with Low-Hassle Cloud Native Storage Management (The New Stack) 2019 Oct 29
NetApp data storage is in transition as Insight 2019 looms (TechTarget) 2019 Oct 22
Clean Up Data Spills Quickly with NetApp Secure Purge (Storage Review) 2019 Oct 14
What NetApp's new 'chief transformation officer' thinks is the hardest thing to change (SVBJ) 2019 Oct 07
What NetApp's new 'chief transformation officer' thinks is the hardest thing to change (Silicon Valley Business Journal) 2019 Oct 07
Is hybrid cloud certification right for you? (NetworkWorld) 2019 Oct 03
Rubrik customers get validated NetApp StorageGrid target (TechTarget) 2019 Sep 26
NetApp takes top billing in Gartner primary array magic quadrant (Blocks & Files) 2019 Sep 18
The Future of Data, Bloomberg 2019 Sep 10
The Future of Data (Bloomberg) 2019 Sep 10
Helping Doctors Diagnose Sooner, Bloomberg 2019 Sep 10
Helping Doctors Diagnose Sooner (Bloomberg) 2019 Sep 10
NetApp launches virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution for VMware (ZDNet) 2019 Aug 27
NetApp announces fifth generation product with new EF600 array ( 2019 Aug 20
The Power of Data Fabric in a Hybrid Multicloud World (The New Stack) 2019 Aug 19
The NetApp subscription model explained: A partner primer (TechTarget) 2019 Aug 13
NetApp global channel chief Lamborn takes stock of partner transformation (ChannelBuzz) 2019 Aug 02
The Top 25 IT Industry Disrupters Of 2019 (CRN) 2019 Aug 01
The 28 Best Enterprise Data Storage Companies for 2019 (Solutions Review) 2019 Jul 30
NetApp’s Kubernetes solution furthers the cause of hybrid computing (SiliconANGLE) 2019 Jul 15
NetApp’s Kubernetes solution furthers the cause of hybrid computing (SiliconANGLE) 2019 Jul 15
NetApp Adds Kubernetes Service to HCI Platform (Container Journal) 2019 Jul 05
Cisco, NetApp crank up FlexPod with MAX Data (Blocks & Files) 2019 Jul 03
Expanded NetApp cloud tools target containers, Google Cloud (TechTarget) 2019 Jun 19
NetApp Takes on the Hybrid Multicloud with Kubernetes Integration (The New Stack) 2019 Jun 18
NetApp Expands Hybrid Cloud Tech With Consumption-Based IT, New HCI Cloud Ties (CRN) 2019 Jun 18
NetApp Expands Hybrid Cloud Services, Makes HCI ‘Fourth Cloud’ (SDxCentral) 2019 Jun 18
Azure NetApp Files: Microsoft Leans On NetApp Expertise To Run File-Based Data In Azure (CRN) 2019 Jun 12
Top Storage Companies (eWeek) 2019 Jun 11
NetApp brings new price point to its entry level AFF market with AFF C190 (ChannelBuzz) 2019 Jun 06
Azure NetApp Files Now Generally Available (Computer Business Review) 2019 May 29
Fortune 500 Companies 2019: Who Made the List (Forbes) 2019 May 17
NetApp adds end-to-end NVMe to mid-range storage array (Blocks&Files) 2019 May 09
Golf clap and backslap for NetApp chaps and their all-flash data vat, ONTAP 9.6 unwrap (TheRegister) 2019 May 09
Midrange NetApp flash looks to steal Dell EMC's thunder (TechTarget) 2019 May 09
NetApp Eyes Consumption-Based Storage, Intros Cloud-Focused Ontap 9.6 (CRN) 2019 May 08
NetApp NVMe AFF A320 & ONTAP 9.6 Announced (StorageReview) 2019 May 08
NetApp AFF A800 Review (StorageReview) 2019 May 07
CRN Exclusive: NetApp Simplifies Channel Program, Extends Benefits To All Partner Types (CRN) 2019 May 01
NetApp’s Cloud Volumes for Google comes to the aid of Cardinal Health (SiliconANGLE) 2019 Apr 16
NetApp CEO sees integration as the core asset in a hybrid world (SiliconANGLE) 2019 Apr 11
Video: NetApp’s Jeff McCullough Reviews Cloud and Digital Transformation (Solutions Review) 2019 Apr 11
Digital Storage At The 2019 GTC, Part 1 (Forbes) 2019 Apr 09
Video: NetApp’s Chris Lamborn Talks About Evolution of Cloud Computing (Solutions Review) 2019 Apr 08
NetApp’s Ingo Fuchs on the Hybrid Cloud’s Best-of-Breed Approach (SDxCentral) 2019 Apr 03
Channel VP Jeff McCullough On How NetApp Partners Can Profit By Selling AWS, Azure, Google (CRN) 2019 Apr 03
NetApp Ties MAX Data To Intel Optane SD, Makes Server Memory Part Of Cloud Infrastructure (CRN) 2019 Apr 02
NetApp to invest $10M toward San Francisco-area affordable housing efforts (Smart Cities Dive) 2019 Apr 01
NetApp invests $10M in Silicon Valley affordable housing fund (Silicon Valley Business Journal) 2019 Mar 29
Silicon Valley tech pours another $10 million into housing crisis (San Jose Mercury News) 2019 Mar 29
Implementation best practices: Migrating to the cloud (Healthcare IT News) 2019 Mar 20
NetApp & NVIDIA Support AI Workloads (Storage Review) 2019 Mar 18
How Do You Weave a Data Fabric? (The New Stack) 2019 Mar 14
Transition To Flash-Based Storage Will Aid NetApp's Near Term Earnings Growth (Forbes) 2019 Mar 06
Data Strategy Not Working? Grab a Cloud or Two or Three (Dataversity) 2019 Mar 04
NetApp beats WekaIO (Blocks & Files) 2019 Feb 18
NetApp CEO Kurian On HCI, Cloud, And Growth Prospects (CRN) 2019 Feb 18
Node your customer, right NetApp? It's only gone and hooked up MAX Data to HCI (The Register) 2019 Feb 04
Hyper-converged vs. converged labels don't apply to some products (TechTarget) 2019 Jan 28
NetApp is Turning Customers into Data Thrivers (American Builder's Quarterly) 2019 Jan 21
NetApp Insight: NetApp Getting Serious About Cloud (StorageNewsletter) 2018 Nov 07
2019 Vault Rankings: NetApp Internship Program named #5 Best Tech & Engineering Internships 2018 Nov 05
Ignore AI Fear Factor at Your Peril: A Futurist’s Call for ‘Digital Ethics’ (EnterpriseTech) 2018 Nov 03
NetApp Data Fabric empowers enterprises to drive competitive advantage with AI; delivers simplicity for data services across edge, core, cloud (Computer Technology Review) 2018 Oct 29
5 Hottest Technologies at NetApp Insight 2018 (Virtualization & Cloud Review) 2018 Oct 29
NetApp all-flash storage fuels hybrid cloud stance, CEO says (TechTarget) 2018 Oct 29
NetApp Brings Clarity And Simplicity To Hybrid Multi-Cloud For DreamWorks (Forbes) 2018 Oct 25
NetApp makes its cloud, 'data authority' pivot (ZDNet) 2018 Oct 24
ECLIPSE DIGITAL - FOTOLIA ECLIPSE DIGITAL - FOTOLIA NEWS NetApp MAX Data adds persistent memory tier to OnTap storage (TechTarget) 2018 Oct 24
NetApp Insight: NetApp Significantly Expands Ability To Treat On-Premises, Cloud As One (CRN) 2018 Oct 23
Speed is the new scale, and data fabric’s the highway, says NetApp CEO (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Oct 23
Commvault gets up its customers B&RaaS with in-cloud backup service (The Register) 2018 Oct 10
Commvault Go: Commvault Steps Up Data Protection Game (CRN) 2018 Oct 09
With Digital Transformation In Full Swing, NetApp Transforms Itself Into A Data Management Provider (CRN) 2018 Oct 09
NetApp Strives to Shed Hardware-only Image (CFO Magazine) 2018 Sep 26
NetApp Acquires StackPointCloud to Stake Kubernetes Claim (Container Journal) 2018 Sep 20
NetApp Buys StackPointCloud, Launches Kubernetes Service (SDxCentral) 2018 Sep 19
NetApp buys Kubernetes startup StackPointCloud to strengthen cloud portfolio (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Sep 19
NetApp Buys Kubernetes Service Provider (EnterpriseTech) 2018 Sep 19
Kick-Kaas: NetApp gobbles cloudy Kubernetes upstart StackPointCloud (The Register) 2018 Sep 19
NetApp buys StackPointCloud, launches Kubernetes as a service (ZDNet) 2018 Sep 19
Lenovo and NetApp will Partner to Help Customers Drive Intelligent Transformation (Forbes) 2018 Sep 18
Lenovo, NetApp Combine Forces in Servers, All-Flash Storage (eWEEK) 2018 Sep 18
Lenovo, NetApp team up vs. Dell EMC, HPE on storage (NetworkWorld) 2018 Sep 17
Lenovo cements deal with NetApp to strengthen datacentre foundation (ComputerWeekly) 2018 Sep 14
Lenovo and NetApp form partnership to accelerate customers’ digital transformation (TechRadar) 2018 Sep 14
Lenovo Partners With NetApp To Aid With Digital Transformations (StorageReview) 2018 Sep 13
5 Things To Know About Lenovo-NetApp's Strategic Partnership (CRN) 2018 Sep 13
NetApp partners with Lenovo on new products and joint venture in China (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Sep 13
Lenovo and NetApp Launch Storage Products, New Company in China (SDxCentral) 2018 Sep 13
Lenovo And NetApp Partner Up, Release All-Flash Arrays (Tom's Hardware) 2018 Sep 13
Lenovo-NetApp partnership targets rivals Dell and HPE (TechTarget) 2018 Sep 13
Lenovo And NetApp Join Forces To Take On Dell, HPE In Storage Arena (CRN) 2018 Sep 13
Lenovo, NetApp forge data center partnership, joint venture in China (ZDNet) 2018 Sep 13
Major new NetApp partnership energizes Lenovo DCG storage at Transform 2.0 (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Sep 13
NetApp wants to make hybrid HCI Amazon-easy (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Sep 10
Hyper-converged product comparison: What leading HCI vendors offer (TechTarget) 2018 Aug 31
INET works with NetApp to enable cloud services with NetApp object-based storage solution using S3 protocol (The Nation) 2018 Aug 29
NVMe Storage: Has Its Time Come? (ITProToday) 2018 Aug 28
NetApp beefing up Wichita workforce (Wichita Business Journal) 2018 Aug 23
Revenue from NetApp all-flash spikes on strong demand (TechTarget) 2018 Aug 16
NetApp flashes numbers at rivals: NAND we're eating your dinner (The Register) 2018 Aug 16
NetApp reports Q1 beats with 20% product sales growth, in-line guide (Seeking Alpha) 2018 Aug 15
NetApp's Q1 benefits from strong demand (ZDNet) 2018 Aug 15
NetApp Sees Massive All-Flash Array Growth In Q1 (CRN) 2018 Aug 15
NVIDIA Partners with NetApp to Address I/O for AI (IT Business Edge) 2018 Aug 14
DreamWorks, NetApp speed animated film production with predictive analytics (CIO DIVE) 2018 Aug 09
NetApp AFF A800: Product Overview and Insight (Enterprise Storage Forum) 2018 Aug 08
DreamWorks Looks to Reanimate Business With Advanced Analytics (The Wall Street Journal) 2018 Aug 08
DreamWorks Looks to Reanimate Business With Advanced Analytics 2018 Aug 08
NetApp, Nvidia Team Up to Make Enterprise AI Adoption Easier (eWEEK) 2018 Aug 06
NetApp AI storage packages OnTap all-flash FAS A800, Nvidia (TechTarget) 2018 Aug 02
NetApp and Nvidia announce Ontap AI, an AI data platform for enterprise (VentureBeat) 2018 Aug 01
NetApp, Nvidia Intro New A.I. Architecture With Strong Cloud Tie (CRN) 2018 Aug 01
The 10 Top SSD And Flash Storage Products of 2018 (So Far) (CRN) 2018 Jul 24
NFSaaS becomes ‘Azure NetApp Files’ as ONTAP-on-Azure debuts (The Register) 2018 Jul 13
Flash, Cloud Volumes and SAP Hybris are key for NetApp’s next-gen data center (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Jul 09
NetApp, Cisco customize FlexPod technology for healthcare, other verticals (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Jul 03
NetApp Pushes Cloud Storage Growth, Partner Incentives (Channel Partners) 2018 Jun 29
‘Lead With the Cloud’ seminal message to NetApp partners going forward (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Jun 28
NetApp places big bet on hyperconverged infrastructure (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Jun 28
NetApp adapting storage and software business unit to Cloud First requirements (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Jun 28
NetApp Channel Connect: CEO Kurian Tells Partners NetApp Ready To Lead In Cloud, HCI, Flash (CRN) 2018 Jun 28
NetApp makes changes to sales motions designed to accelerate channel success (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Jun 28
Interview - Channel Happy Hour Episode 131 - NetApp By the Numbers (The Channel Happy Hour) 2018 Jun 28
NetApp CEO Kurian lays out aggressive strategy to partners (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Jun 27
The top 6 Best-Selling All-Flash Storage Array Brands in Q1 2018 (CRN) 2018 Jun 14
NetApp plays the digital transformation field with customer-peers (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Jun 14
Data management across entire chain defines NetApp’s partnership with SAP (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Jun 13
NetApp and Cisco roll out new first of new vertical solutions, plus Managed Private Cloud solution (ChannelBuzz) 2018 Jun 08
NetApp, Cisco Unveil New Managed Cloud Services, Vertical Solutions for FlexPod (CRN) 2018 Jun 08
If you’re NetApp-y and you know it, clap your hands. If you're app-y and you know it… (The Register) 2018 Jun 08
NetApp, Cisco tailor FlexPod for different verticals, starting with health care (ZDNet) 2018 Jun 07
AI, AI, Pure: Nvidia cooks deep learning GPU server chips with NetApp (The Register) 2018 Jun 05
NetApp adds Google Cloud NAS and AFF A800 NVMe flash array (Computer Weekly) 2018 May 09
NetApp goes all in on Fibre Channel-based NVMe-over-Fabrics (The Register) 2018 May 09
NetApp NVMe AFF array plays capacity tune for AI listeners (TechTarget) 2018 May 08
NetApp partners with Google, becomes more cloud-oriented (ZDNet) 2018 May 08
NetApp partners with Google for cloud-native file-storage service (NetworkWorld) 2018 May 08
NetApp Expands Multi-Cloud Strategy With Google Cloud Relationship, Unveils First End-To-End NVMe Arrays (CRN) 2018 May 08
Candispe apuesta por la hiperconvergencia de NetApp para optimizar el transporte 2018 Apr 23
Fujitsu y NetApp desarrollan la solución NFLEX de infraestructura convergente para centros de datos 2018 Apr 16
6 weeks to GDPR, and 1/3 of companies won't be compliant (CIO Dive) 2018 Apr 12
Jean English, Vicepresidenta Senior y Chief Marketing Officer Global de NetApp 2018 Apr 11
NetApp Successfully Pivoted To Cloud, AI, All-Flash: CEO Kurian (Bloomberg) 2018 Apr 06
JFK Medical Center Refreshes Dell EMC Storage With NetApp (SDxCentral) 2018 Mar 09
HIMSS 2018: Must-See Products - NetApp HCI (HealthTech) 2018 Mar 07
How corporate giants help startups land big customers (The Times of India) 2018 Mar 06
Transport for NSW hands $8M storage expansion deal to NetApp (ARN) 2018 Mar 05
NetApp Exec: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Simplicity Has Wide Appeal (CRN) 2018 Mar 05
CRN Exclusive: NetApp CEO George Kurian On Flash Storage Momentum, Software-Defined Storage Moves, And The Growing Cisco Partnership (CRN) 2018 Feb 28
2018 Data Center 100: 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers (CRN) 2018 Feb 26
Virtualization trends in 2018 signal edge technology disruption (TechTarget) 2018 Feb 21
Next-Generation Hyperconvergence – Building an Effective Bridge to IT Modernization (Government Technology) 2018 Feb 21
What is NAS and how do NAS servers excel at corralling unstructured data? (Network World) 2018 Feb 21
NetApp's Strategic Products To Continue To Drive Results (Forbes) 2018 Feb 16
NetApp cloud-flash pivot brings cheers (TechTarget) 2018 Feb 15
Today's channel rundown - 15 February 2018 2018 Feb 15
NetApp beats Q3 expectations but shares fall after hours (ZDNet) 2018 Feb 14
NetApp Quarterly Earnings, Outlook Beat Estimates (Investor's Business Daily) 2018 Feb 14
What To Expect When NetApp Reports Quarterly Results (Investor's Business Daily) 2018 Feb 13
Top China Internets, IBD 50 Stocks, Hotels Lead Investing Action Plan (Investor's Business Daily) 2018 Feb 09
Converged Infrastructure Gaining Ground in Federal Agencies (Network Computing) 2018 Feb 08
NetApp CEO Kurian narrows focus to flash, cloud (TechTarget) 2018 Feb 08
Enterprise storage market to focus on data use in 2018 (TechTarget) 2018 Feb 06
How Changes In NetApp's Storage Systems Market Share Impact Its Valuation (Forbes) 2018 Feb 06
How Sensitive Is NetApp's Valuation To Its Product Margins? (Forbes) 2018 Feb 06
NetApp AFF A200 VMmark 3 Results Published (StorageReview) 2018 Jan 31
CDOs Prove Their Worth in an Analytics-Driven Business World (InformationWeek) 2018 Jan 31
VCs chuck carry-on capital at Igneous ARM-powered backup boxen (The Register) 2018 Jan 30
How to transform from data survivor to data thriver (Information Management) 2018 Jan 26
Dell enterprise group shakeup aimed at boosting sagging storage sales (SiliconANGLE) 2018 Jan 25
NetApp appoints new SVP to lead cloud business (Computer Dealer News) 2018 Jan 23
NVMe enterprise flash storage, new memory mean change in '18 (TechTarget) 2018 Jan 22
Converged vs. hyper-converged labels don't apply to some products (TechTarget) 2018 Jan 18
Why you need to design for analytics to succeed at IoT (TechTarget) 2018 Jan 18
The Best And Worst Technology Company Stocks In 2017 (CRN) 2018 Jan 15
3 Ways To Be A Strategist, Not A Tactician (Forbes) 2018 Jan 14
Big Data Meets Data Fabric and Multi-cloud (Forbes) 2018 Jan 12
Startup Komprise Getting Traction in Tough-to-Crack Storage Market (eWeek) 2018 Jan 12
NetApp Announces General Availability of ONTAP 9.3 (StorageReview) 2018 Jan 11
NCDEX selects NetApp for their data backup & storage needs (Economic Times) 2018 Jan 10
NetApp Excellerator invites applications from startups looking to make their solutions ready for the enterprise market (YourStory) 2018 Jan 10
Q&A: Adam Tarbox, director of partners and pathways UK&I, NetApp (Channel Pro) 2018 Jan 10
Veeam Achieves Record $827 Million in Total Bookings for 2017, on Path to be a Billion-Dollar Software Company (VMblog) 2018 Jan 09
In 2018, how are the big storage 8 handling the industry's challenges? (The Register) 2018 Jan 09
How DevOps Can Help You Thrive in Your DX Journey ( 2018 Jan 08
Spectre, Meltdown Update: NetApp, IBM, HPE, Lenovo, Dell EMC Weigh In On Storage System Vulnerability (CRN) 2018 Jan 08
NetApp Says Its Storage Systems Not Impacted By Spectre, Meltdown Thanks To Its OnTap OS (CRN) 2018 Jan 08
10 Storage Predictions For 2018 (CRN) 2018 Jan 05
NetApp’s George Kurian keeps on transforming (San Jose Mercury News) 2018 Jan 04
VMblog's Expert Interviews: NetApp Explains the Future of Data Thrivers and Data Survivors in 2018 (VMblog) 2018 Jan 03
StorageReview’s Top 10 Enterprise Articles Of 2017 (StorageReview) 2017 Dec 30
IDC: hyper-converged platforms outgrows converged infrastructures (TechTarget) 2017 Dec 28
The 10 Biggest Dell EMC Stories Of 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 27
2018 Big Data Predictions (Part 2) (DZone) 2017 Dec 26
The 25 Blockbuster Channel Chief Moves Of 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 22
2018 DevOps Predictions - Part 3 (DEVOPSdigest) 2017 Dec 20
The 17 Biggest News Stories Of 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 20
The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 19
TechTarget’s weekly roundup (12/11 – 12/18) (TechTarget) 2017 Dec 18
Forecast for infrastructure as a service: cloudy and unsettled (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Dec 18
18 Hot Products And Services Cloud Partners Need To Know In 2018 (CRN) 2017 Dec 15
Disk drives spin, are you listening? In the lane, servers glistening... (The Register) 2017 Dec 14
Six Data Security and GDPR Predictions for 2018 (Database Trends and Applications) 2017 Dec 13
Predictions 2018: How Data Management Will Be Evolving (eWeek) 2017 Dec 13
The 10 Coolest Hyper-Converged Products Of 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 12
Hitz: NetApp market growth hinges on cloud, data management (TechTarget) 2017 Dec 11
The 10 Coolest Flash Storage And SSD Products Of 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 11
NetApp honours top A/NZ partners (ARN) 2017 Dec 07
The 10 Coolest Enterprise Cloud Storage Offerings In 2017 (CRN) 2017 Dec 07
2017 DevOps Surprises (DZone) 2017 Dec 07
CRN's 2017 Products Of The Year (CRN) 2017 Dec 06
Storage in the Studio: VFX Studios (postPerspective) 2017 Dec 05
IDC: Strong 3Q Storage Sales Driven By ODM, Hyperscalers As Branded Vendors Struggle To Recover Market Share (CRN) 2017 Dec 05
HPE and Dell Are Under Pressure as Amazon and Others Upend Storage (TheStreet) 2017 Dec 01
Cover your SaaS: 3 tips for preventing data loss in cloud software (TechRepublic) 2017 Nov 30
NetApp Announces New NFS Hybrid Service On AWS (StorageReview) 2017 Nov 29
NetApp is biting HCI bullet at the right time: John Rollason (Channel World) 2017 Nov 28
NetApp: The Anatomy Of A Successful Turnaround (Seeking Alpha) 2017 Nov 28
NetApp CTO tech predictions for 2018 (ETCIO) 2017 Nov 27
City of Glasgow College implements NetApp as part of digitisation strategy (V3) 2017 Nov 24
CTO Predictions for 2018: NetApp (Business World) 2017 Nov 24
City of Glasgow College brings in NetApp for modernisation drive (ITPro) 2017 Nov 24
New NetApp Upgraded to Strong Buy on Impressive Q2 Earnings (Zacks) 2017 Nov 22
EU's new privacy regulations are coming and North American companies need to be ready (National Post) 2017 Nov 21
Softcat and SCC given hyper converged nod by NetApp (Computer Weekly) 2017 Nov 20
CRN Exclusive: NetApp CEO Kurian On Growth In A Flat Storage Market And The Chance To Become The No. 1 Vendor (CRN) 2017 Nov 17
NetApp's back, baby, flaunting new tech and Azure cloud swagger (The Register) 2017 Nov 17
Startup wannabes can stave off disruption with data-driven makeover (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 17
NetApp posts $1.42bn Q218 revenues, CEO says company ‘substantially outpacing’ competition (Cloud Computing News) 2017 Nov 17
'Partners tell me we've got our mojo back' - NetApp EMEA channel boss (Channel Web) 2017 Nov 17
NetApp unveils new Hybrid Cloud services (Gadgets Now) 2017 Nov 17
Seldom-used metadata could be next gold mine, says NetApp CTO (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 17
A Quick Look at NetApp Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (Virtualization Review) 2017 Nov 17
HCI moves enterprise from data storage to data strategy (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 17
NetApp unveils new Hybrid Cloud services (Economic Times) 2017 Nov 17
Data Visionaries Help Companies Thrive Through Digital Transformation (DZone) 2017 Nov 16
The Hot Stock: NetApp Soars (Barron's) 2017 Nov 16
Breakneck-speed data processing required in IoT era (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp: You went all-flash, you never should've, um.. Well done (The Register) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp's Strategic Product Line Continues To Drive Growth (Forbes) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp rockets to 5-year high on unexpectedly good earnings (Silicon Valley Business Journal) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp: You went all-flash, you never should’ve, um… Well done (The Register) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp Reports 2Q18 Earnings (StorageReview) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp revenue rides flash gravy train (TechTarget) 2017 Nov 16
NetApp shares jump thanks to solid flash storage revenue growth (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 15
NetApp beats Q2 expectations as all-flash business builds more momentum (ZDnet) 2017 Nov 15
NetApp shares jump 15% thanks to solid flash storage revenue growth (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 15
Datos IO Updates Cloud Data Management with RecoverX 2.5 (eWeek) 2017 Nov 15
NetApp Surges 10%: Street Enthuses over ‘Hyper-Converged’ Prospects (Barron's) 2017 Nov 15
These startups from NetApp Excellerator’s first cohort are poised to take their innovations to a global B2B market ( 2017 Nov 15
NetApp beats Street 2Q forecasts (CNBC) 2017 Nov 15
NetApp Growth Focused On All-Flash Storage, Hybrid Cloud Technologies (CRN) 2017 Nov 15
How NetApp’s marketing data feedback loop is fueling its brand transition (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 15
NetApp and Fujitsu NFLEX: More details emerge about European HCI tryst (The Register) 2017 Nov 15
DARZ, NetApp work to advance integrated multi-cloud data sourcing (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 15
NetApp claims customer cloud usage is going unchecked (Channel Web) 2017 Nov 15
Cloud lock-in is customers' biggest fear - NetApp (Channelnomics) 2017 Nov 14
Procurement models have not caught up with the cloud - NetApp (Channelnomnics) 2017 Nov 14
Customers fear being locked into a vendor's cloud - NetApp (Channel Web) 2017 Nov 14
Data to become self-aware, customized and huge, predicts NetApp CTO (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 14
Being locked into cloud by vendors is customers' biggest fear - NetApp (Channelnomnics) 2017 Nov 14
NetApp bids to lead in data-driven future, gets a jump on GDPR (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 14
Data Fabric stitches together complete data tapestry (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 14
Thriving in the data revolution: NetApp, IDC partner to uncover new data strategies (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Nov 14
NetApp signals hyper-converged channel opportunity (Computer Weekly) 2017 Nov 14
NetApp's Strategic Product Line To Help Drive Revenues, Profits (Forbes) 2017 Nov 14
'There's nothing customers fear more' than a vendor locking them into the cloud - NetApp (Channelnomics) 2017 Nov 13
The 2017 Tech Innovator Awards (CRN) 2017 Nov 13
Fujitsu & NetApp Launch NFLEX, Converged Infrastructure Solution (StorageReview) 2017 Nov 03
Fujitsu, NetApp to drop it like it's Vblock: Year 8 is not 2000-and-late (The Register) 2017 Nov 03
Fujitsu, NetApp Tag Team For Converged Infrastructure (The Next Platform) 2017 Nov 03
Fujitsu and NetApp Partner on Converged Infrastructure (SDxCentral) 2017 Nov 03
Modern Infrastructure 2018 Impact Awards reader voting (TechTarget) 2017 Nov 01
ONTAP Select Is Now Available On The IBM Marketplace (StorageReview) 2017 Oct 30
NetApp HCI Hits General Availability (StorageReview) 2017 Oct 27
NetApp Moves Healthix Toward Real-Time Analytics for 16M Patients (SDxCentral) 2017 Oct 25
Behind the Expo interview with Grant Caley from NetApp (Compare the Cloud) 2017 Oct 25
Data privacy policy just as important as the security measures protecting it (SiliconANGLE) 2017 Oct 25
Applied Technology: NetApp StorageGRID with ASE Cloud (The Broadcast Bridge) 2017 Oct 23
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