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Cloud’s full potential is waiting to be unleashed. That’s where we come in. Simplify your cloud management landscape while unlocking the speed, efficiency, and flexibility to shift focus from administration to innovation.

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Why NetApp for cloud services?

As the cloud storage expert, it goes without saying NetApp Cloud Services are second to none. They finally make it possible to unlock cloud’s true potential

We help simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation by delivering unmatched control, protection, and efficiency for your data workloads and applications running in the cloud. We also happen to be BFFs with the biggest public clouds, so our tightly integrated cloud volumes services make it easy to migrate and manage your workloads with ease.

Why NetApp for Cloud Data Services

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When we say unleashing cloud’s full potential, we mean it.

  • Shrink your data footprint by up to 96%.  
  • Run any workload up to 20x faster and 20% cheaper.  
  • Create up to a 100 TB volume.
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Cloud Services solutions

From productivity to protection and database services, NetApp has what you need to fully leverage the public clouds.

This assessment tool is your personal NetApp concierge

From storage and services to the world’s most cutting-edge cloud solutions, NetApp can simplify your life and amplify your performance. Answer a few simple questions to get the solutions your business demands. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life was this easy?

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Increase worker productivity—wherever your workers work

Run applications in the cloud easily while avoiding the cost of re-architecting, enable real-time global file sharing for your distributed workforce, and simplify the deployment of virtual desktop infrastructures on your choice of cloud. Thirty-five-hour work week, anyone?

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Productivity: file sharing

Optimize the performance, availability, durability, and protection of file sharing in the cloud.

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Productivity: remote and branch office

Consolidate your unstructured data to enable real-time global file sharing for your distributed workforce.

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Productivity: virtual desktop infrastructure

Accelerate VDI deployments on your choice of cloud, with the security, performance, and simplicity you need.

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Remove data loss (and grey hairs) from your cloud concerns

Rapidly restore business-critical applications in the event of a major outage, securely back up your Office 365 data with simple, fast granular recovery, and seamlessly and cost-effectively utilize backup and restore capabilities for archiving cloud data. Knocking on wood optional.  

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Protection: disaster recovery

Be disaster-ready by quickly and easily creating an up-to-date secondary copy of your data in the cloud.

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Protection: SaaS backup

Guard your Office 365 data with secure backup and restore. 

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Protection: cloud backup service

A seamless and cost-effective backup and restore capabilities for protecting and archiving data.

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Move your databases to the cloud and watch them perform

Develop Oracle applications faster, reduce costs by up to 60%, and drastically accelerate backups. Optimize SAP on cloud with the ability to revert to previous states and create rapid clones for dev/test. And realize the full potential of your MySQL database deployment. Encore!

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Oracle databases

Develop applications faster, reduce costs by up to 60%, and drastically accelerate backups.

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SAP databases

Accelerate projects, simplify operations, and move to the cloud faster with Cloud Services for SAP.

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MySQL databases

Realize the full potential of your MySQL database deployment with the right cloud storage.

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When our customers win, then industry experts take notice.

NetApp is setting new industry benchmarks and winning accolades in the process. We’re empowering customers to rethink the future, embrace cloud, and get the most out of their data.

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The benchmark for analyzing genomic data is accessing it from 100,000 individuals. We always had timeouts or file failures. With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, it finished in less than an hour—a great breakthrough for us.

Dr. Hakon  Gudbjartsson, PhD , CIO, WuXi NextCODE 

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Where we are today is a direct result of the partnership between McKesson Reach and NetApp. It’s allowed us to deliver capabilities that we didn’t have in the past and it has sent us years forward in being able to provide superior healthcare.

Brad Clark, Director of Storage Systems, McKesson  Reach 

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Using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP from AWS Marketplace, we have achieved recovery times in testing that are almost instantaneous, and with as little as 10 minutes of data loss.

Peter Raettig, Head of Technical Operations, Reach plc 

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Cloud Volumes

NetApp® Cloud Volumes are fully managed cloud storage solutions for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud that support Linux and Windows clients, can grow seamlessly to 100TB, run file shares at peak performance, and deliver industry-leading protection and security.

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No need to rewrite apps

No need to rewrite apps because each volume provides POSIX compliance shares required by a broad range of file-based workloads.

Easily import data

Easily and quickly import data to and from on-premises and other storage repositories via NetApp Cloud Sync.

Maintain business continuity

Maintain business continuity with guaranteed availability and durability, short recovery times, and nondisruptive maintenance.

Schedule tasks

Schedule tasks to meet the most demanding file share needs with automation and orchestration capabilities.

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS 

Our fully managed cloud service for AWS lets you move your mission-critical workloads and applications to the cloud and manage them with ease. Extreme performance, advanced data management, and multi-protocol support are all yours. We know you’ll use them wisely.

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Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud 

This Google Cloud-integrated file service offers the performance, availability, and security required to efficiently run your business-critical applications, analytics, and DevOps in Google Cloud. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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Azure NetApp Files

The Microsoft Azure-native, high-performance file-storage service makes it easy for enterprise LOB and storage professionals to migrate and run complex, performance-intensive/latency-sensitive applications with no code-change. And high-fives all around.

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP  

NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® is a cloud-based data management offering built on NetApp ONTAP storage software. It’s a great fit for infrastructure and storage admins who are looking to manage all the details of their storage infrastructure by way of a superior universal storage platform.

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Cloud Services

From data services and cloud controls to backup and compliance solutions, NetApp has all the cloud services you could ever need.
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Take advantage of your cloud journey

Specific cloud solutions help solve specific problems, which is a good thing. You don’t want “close enough” when you’re responsible for your mission-critical enterprise data.

Cloud partners

NetApp cloud data services are available on the biggest clouds and integrated with leading technology partners and orchestration tools.
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NetApp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) maintain a proven partnership to deliver agile, secure, and flexible data services for your most demanding cloud requirements. 

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Google Cloud

NetApp extends the reach of its world-class data services to Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics, and machine learning. 

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Microsoft Azure

Together, NetApp and Microsoft help you deliver leading NetApp cloud data services as your own for a seamless experience that customers expect from the cloud. 

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