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Creating at the speed of imagination

See how DreamWorks Animation leverages NetApp solutions to tell stories though the power of data.

Overall storage for media and entertainment is expected to grow at 420% per year reaching 264EB by 2024. Coughlin Associates, Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report, 2019.
Over 174EB of new storage will be needed to convert analog film and tape into digital archives.Ibid.
Cloud storage for M&E expected to grow 1,200% per year to 105EB by 2024.Ibid.

Control your content, control your future

Is your content underachieving? Are siloed repositories constraining productions? Get to the next level—and deepen audience relationships—with optimized digital content workflows.

Trust NetApp systems to manage, store, and access content for diverse media workflows. Stay competitive with unrivaled performance from a portfolio of data management and storage solutions. Unify existing NAS and SAN infrastructures and achieve data portability with hybrid cloud.

  • Make your content unstoppable by powering efficient workflows
  • Accelerate your creative process with better content and asset management
  • Engage audiences in new ways through innovative distribution and flexible cloud services
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Best-in-class solutions

Get best-in-class solutions for all media requirements.

Make your content unstoppable

Free your creative team to access digital content when, where, and how they need it.

Massive data workflows place ever-increasing demands on your IT infrastructure. Meet data management challenges with virtually limitless compute and storage options.

  • Consolidate storage silos into a data fabric that supports your performance and capacity needs
  • Flexibly scale with disk, flash, and hybrid storage using a single namespace
  • Respond quickly with fast, reliable data access throughout the creative pipeline
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Optimize your creative process

Creativity is a process—you need end-to-end control of your content. With a powerful content and asset management foundation, you have a secure, robust platform for managing your growing data fabric.

Content needs to flow through high-performance systems to satisfy resource-hungry productions.

  • Speed access to disparate content, from secure files to monstrous multimedia volumes
  • Process massive content repositories and seamlessly scale as needed
  • Meet deadlines and reduce costs with highly efficient storage
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Engage audiences in new ways

Get unbridled flexibility to tap delivery options some haven’t even imagined. From on-premises to cloud environments, stitch your content together on an integrated data fabric for media.

Cloud makes it possible. Reach beyond over-the-air playout and subscriber services. Distributors need content repositories that integrate seamlessly with production tools, transcode farms, and modern CDNs to provide maximum value to their clients.

  • Support hundreds of streams in a combined post-production and delivery environment
  • Reliably capture live content from multiple sources and support instant access to content
  • Scale on demand. Seamlessly leverage cloud resources for unmatched flexibility
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Product solutions

Get performance for intensive workloads.

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