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Data management solutions for government organizations

Empowering our customers to change their world with data.

NetApp innovations for the public sector

Public sector organizations rely on innovative NetApp data management solutions for their storage modernization, next-generation data center, and hybrid cloud needs.

Accelerate insights. Elevate care.

Put your data to work improving patient outcomes. Streamline and speed access to critical clinical data. Run any application on-premises or in the cloud.

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Address your remote learning challenges

Enable remote teaching and learning experiences with a simple, secure, and scalable virtual desktop environment.

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Cybersecurity for Government

Protect your organization against data breaches whilst addressing changing employee and mission needs.

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Hybrid cloud for police forces

The police's digital strategy is clear. Find cloud-first solutions that better connect data and build on existing IT capabilities. NetApp cloud solutions can ease compliance, deliver better value for money, and rationalize existing legacy systems.

Data driven government

Spotlight on the UK

Data is the currency of Digital Transformation. This series addresses the challenges governments face in achieving their digital and data driven ambitions, to accelerate digital transformation whilst meeting operational and budgetary imperatives.

Hannover Medical School (MHH) Cares for its users with Data Fabric

Whether medical care, research, or education, MHH needs to manage massive amounts of data and is dedicated to serve users in the best way possible. NetApp data fabric helps them to find the right answer to any data question.

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Meeting the demands of consolidation while supporting education

Dundee and Angus College helps students thrive with a data-centric approach to enhancing flexible working while overcoming costly legacy storage and creating a powerful, easy-to-manage single pool of storage.

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Odense Kommune is future-ready using efficient all-flash storage

The Danish municipality of Odense implemented a future-proof NetApp datacenter to drive operations, improve efficiency, and consolidate both primary and backup storage into one system.

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Communication acceleration for a more efficient city

Rochester, New York, employees and law enforcement depend on email and virtual desktops to communicate and access the information they need to do their jobs. By moving Microsoft Exchange to NetApp All Flash FAS and using NetApp E-Series for data-intensive video archiving, the city is improving productivity, efficiency, and public safety.

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US Government and Public Sector

Find out more about tailored NetApp Solutions for the U.S. Public Sector. Empowering our Customers to Change Their World with Data.

NetApp Solutions

 Read more about NetApp solutions for the public sector

Cloud Insights free trial

NetApp Cloud Insights is a monitoring tool that gives you complete visibility into your infrastructure and applications. With Cloud Insights, you can monitor, troubleshoot and optimize all your resources including your public clouds and your private data centers.

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