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Automotive data solutions: greater speed through better data

Whether you’re the CIO or IT team tasked with digital transformation, the plant manager implementing IoT and AI insights, or an ADAS and autonomous driving team managing a complex data pipeline, we can help you stay ahead of the data curve.

New automotive demands require new thinking

Digital transformation remains top-of-mind for auto companies, but the data-accessing struggle is real. From vehicle design to manufacturing, today's auto sector runs on data. But, if it's not connected and available, operations can't run efficiently. NetApp enables automotive OEMs and suppliers to access and rely on their data so they can act with speed and confidence and also improve customer experience. Find out why 9 out of 10 automakers chose NetApp.

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NetApp’s cloud innovation directly translates into faster lap times for TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team. It enables real time data analysis, race data processing and global collaboration, from racetrack to HQ and vice versa. Speed on the track is born in the cloud.

Friedemann Kurz, Head of Motorsport IT, Porsche

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NetApp helps auto manufacturers build a data fabric to accelerate innovation

    • 50%
    • Data growth on average each year, and remains fragmented and costly

    • 80%
    • Time manufacturers spend searching for, managing and preparing data compared to the 20% spend analyzing it

    • 55%
    • Of enterprises will replace outdated operational models with cloud-centric ones by 2023

Automotive innovation needs cloud-first thinking

Connected, autonomous and electric vehicles, and the focus on mobility services are generating a huge amount of data. It's time to modernize core processes so you can provide an improved customer experience.

Our expertise and technology enable you to perform optimally and transform in an always-changing industry. Integrate new projects into your existing infrastructure cost-effectively and efficiently. Embrace agility and adapt instantly in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. With us, you’ll unlock the power of your data and accelerate your digital journey.

Member of IDTA - Indistrial Digital Twin Association

NetApp is an official member of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA).

By joining the IDTA, NetApp emphasizes its leading role as a provider of intelligent data infrastructure for industrial digital transformation projects.

The IDTA, together with its members, is making the digital twin technology accessible to every company and setting industry standards.

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Microsoft likes what we drive.

We’re a 2023 Microsoft Awards finalist for driving forward automotive advancements.

Leverage data as an accelerator for faster vehicle design

Being the first to deliver new vehicle designs and digital service, means delivering the latest high-quality, cost-effective models onto the market in the shortest timescale possible—all while managing the rapid shift to electrification. Today, with software at the heart of the vehicle, rapid software development is key to success.

This requires fast iterations within software production cycles utilizing the latest technology, which is only made possible if you embrace a disruptive, cost effective, data-driven approach.

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Managing data on an industrial scale

Smart factories use sensors at the edge, generating exabytes more data. Automate and optimize your automotive manufacturing processes more efficiently so you can realize full benefits at scale.

Build a data fabric for your smart factory by deploying the right data, at the right time, in the right place, and at the right pace. When it comes to making decisions about where to deploy sensors and applications, which cloud configuration is best, and how to scale as bandwidth or data volumes increase, the NetApp team draws on years of knowledge from running applications in data centers and in the cloud to help you achieve optimal results.

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AI means more data, and more opportunities

Production of next-generation vehicles is rapidly evolving, driving everyone in the auto industry to embrace Artificial Intelligence. Today’s automotive leaders are investing heavily in data-driven AI applications to advance the most important innovations in the industry.

Enable AI data pipelines that increase data accessibility, simplify data management, and handle demanding workloads without breaking a sweat.

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Automotive supply chains have no time for weak links

NetApp's cloud data management for the auto industry gives you maximum visibility into your supply chain. Modernize your data fabric by integrating data across your organization, from suppliers to production to dealers to customers. NetApp helps eliminate silos and automates the movement of data to where it needs to be.

When you can connect the dots across your entire supply chain, you reap the rewards of visibility and efficiency.

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From our customers

We talk a big game because we can back it up with our street cred. See how NetApp has transformed cloud and on-premise environments for these automotive industry leaders.

For the past two decades, Mercedes-Benz has leveraged NetApp technologies to help keep their business on the cutting edge. Learn how the automotive manufacturer engaged NetApp to help them accelerate the migration of their Product Data Management (PDM) solutions to the cloud.

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Engineering innovation is a Bosch hallmark. The infrastructure-as-code solution exemplifies smarter innovation by creating a continuous integration pipeline for developers. Bosch is expanding the solution so that 14,000 developers worldwide have access to the streamlined services.

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As we boldly embark on this journey into F1, we are excited to be working with a partner who can help us unlock the best of cloud.

Bill Peters, CIO, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team

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NetApp has showed us the power of its comprehensive suite of solutions, from All Flash Storage Systems to all opportunities offered by NetApp Cloud Data Services. The company has helped us capitalize on today’s business opportunities while we innovate for tomorrow.

Andrea Spina, Chief Information Officer, Ducati Motor Holding

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Data storage solutions on your terms

Feeling locked in by your storage vendor? NetApp Keystone offers flexible pay as you go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on premises or in the public cloud. And always on your terms.

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