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Get serious about AWS with NetApp

From migrating enterprise apps without re-architecting, to running Linux and Windows file shares, to scaling DevTest environments, NetApp’s cloud solutions are designed to give you serious control, serious performance, and serious reliability for your most serious applications. Seriously.


It’s better together with unified cloud file storage

Run file shares on AWS

Gain the freedom to run Linux and Windows applications natively on AWS or in a hybrid cloud without redesigning your code, your processes, or your teams.

Reduce the cost of running VMware workloads on AWS

Deploy vSphere workloads to AWS for flexible capacity, a lower TCO, and no performance compromises. Introducing VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a supplemental datastore that lets you run business-critical apps at cloud scale.

VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Why NetApp and Amazon Web Services

For more than a decade, NetApp and AWS have obsessed over our customers’ success, letting business do more with data and optimizing the cloud services that matter. NetApp provides you with the ability to migrate, build, and manage more cloud at less cost. Are you ready to get the best with the best?

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Industry solutions for AWS

Thrive with technology solutions for industries

In every business sector, we help organizations migrate critical workloads, reduce IT complexity, and ensure their data is compliant, protected, and always available. Whether you’re seeking to simplify data management across your stack or accelerate cloud native apps, we can help you grow your business on AWS.

Talk to a specialist

Building the right cloud infrastructure can be complicated. Don’t go it alone. We’ll match you with an AWS cloud expert who can help.

Talk to a specialist

Get more cloud at less cost

Reduce overall Amazon EBS storage costs by up to 70% and gain crucial performance and data protection enhancements for your most important workloads.

Next steps

Ready to move to AWS? Or extend your existing AWS infrastructure to power critical workloads? Let’s get started. We love leaning into challenges and coming up with solutions for our customers.

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