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Training artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms requires data to flow like an overly sun-screened kid on a water slide. Remove AI infrastructure bottlenecks and optimize performance from edge to core to cloud.

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Why NetApp for artificial intelligence

The process of operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI) requires massive amounts of data to flow unhindered through a five-stage pipeline, from ingest through archive. As enterprises of all types embrace AI technologies, they face data challenges (aka bottlenecks) from edge to core to cloud.

As the data authority on hybrid cloud, NetApp® AI solutions remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to enable more efficient data collection, accelerated AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration.

Can your infrastructure support AI workflows in production?

Overcoming the challenges of building an AI architecture for machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and other AI workflows requires careful infrastructure planning. By understanding the performance requirements, datasets, and data services needed, you can build a pipeline that smooths the flow of your data while delivering optimal performance.

Design and build your data pipeline
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Get your data flowing from edge to core to cloud 

With a cloud-first strategy, NetApp has the right suite of products to handle intelligent AI and ML data movement from edge to core to cloud.

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Eliminate bottlenecks at the edge

The amount of data generated by smart edge devices and a large number of ingestion points can overwhelm compute, storage, and networks at the edge. NetApp® solutions allow edge-level analytics to process and selectively pass on data during ingest, create different tiers of data service, and accelerate data movement.

Eliminate bottlenecks in the core

The core is the heart of your AI data pipeline, and it demands high I/O performance. From preprocessing data so it’s most valuable to feeding the data to the neural networks for model training, NetApp® solutions for the core remove performance bottlenecks and accelerate AI workloads.

Eliminate bottlenecks in the cloud

The benefits of the cloud can be leveraged for AI in several ways, including cold storage tiering, backing up, and archiving. The cloud also offers an ideal environment to begin development of AI workflows, run proofs of concept, and form a foundation to expand on.

ONTAP AI, powered by NVIDIA

NetApp® ONTAP® AI is built on a verified architecture that combines NVIDIA DGX servers, NetApp all-flash storage, and Mellanox or Cisco networking. ONTAP AI supercharges your AI and DL environments by streamlining the flow of data and speeding up training and inference.

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AI solutions

Leverage our complete portfolio of AI solutions that support everything you need to get your data flowing from edge to core to cloud. 

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Fine tune your data pipeline, drive your AI success

Companies seeking to increase their use of AI and machine learning (ML) face three major challenges: workload scalability, deployment complexity, and data availability. The NetApp® AI Control Plane enables you to drive your AI and ML projects forward with extreme scalability, streamlined deployment, and nonstop data availability—whenever and wherever you need it.

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As the benefits of AI become more apparent, organizations across a wide range of industries are leveraging it to gain valuable insights from the large amounts of data they generate.

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AI data management products

Whatever workloads flow through your AI data pipeline, meet all of your growing AI and DL capacity and performance requirements with leading NetApp® data management solutions.

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The envelope please…NetApp wins three prestigious AI awards

We’re proud to announce that NetApp recently earned three distinguished AI awards: "Best Machine Learning Platform" and “Best AI Solution for Big Data” from AI Breakthrough and “Corporate Innovation in AI” from The Alonics. These awards validate the incredible amount of work we’ve put into delivering smart, powerful, and trustworthy AI solutions.  

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Hannover Medical School​

Leading doctors are building data-driven diagnostics on NetApp to help improve patients’ lives.​

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Cambridge Consultants​

Uses AI for world-changing innovation.

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Consultel Cloud

AI-as-a-Service makes AI accessible to any business.

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Say hello to our featured AI partners

Introducing the NetApp AI Partner Connect network—a trusted AI partner ecosystem that extends and enhances NetApp® technology for all of your AI and ML projects.

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Bring AI to life with an affordable, scalable architecture.

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One-click deployment for all your AI, ML, and DL needs.

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World leaders in disruptive innovation and technology-based consulting.

Cambridge Consultants
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We help you imagine, implement, and achieve more from your technology.

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Innovative machine learning products and services on a trusted platform.

Google Cloud
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Deploy AI Anywhere: in our data centers, in your data center, or at the edge.


NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® Keystone™ provides flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

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