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Unlock your data, be ready to innovate in the Financial Services Industry

Build a data fabric with the power to drive transformation and keep pace with threats.

Why NetApp for financial services?

As cloud specialists, we'll ensure your finance data is always available in the right place at the right time to fuel transformation. We'll remove data silos to provide real-time market-ready analytics and help you combat fraud with proven AI solutions.

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KPMG, 2021 "2020 CIO Survey: Industrial Manufacturing industry insights"

The financial services sector is responding to pressure to speed transformation and improve resilience

    • 50%
    • of organizations will adopt a "data supermarket" strategy to unify data storage by 2023 [1]
    • 82%
    • of firms are already running hybrid cloud environments [2]
    • 238%
    • rise in cyberattacks have been registered from February to April 2020 [3]

Are you DORA ready?

DORA, The Digital Operational Resilience Act. Set to take effect in  January 17th 2025, DORA is a regulatory act aimed at tackling the pressing issue of cyber resilience within the financial sector and critical third-party ICT service providers. By offering comprehensive guidelines, DORA seeks to minimize the risks associated with cloud concentration, a prevalent concern in the finance industry. Stay ahead of the game with DORA's strategic guidance for enhanced operational resilience.

DORA preparation

Clouds lacking strategy rain inefficiencies

If you’re in the financial industry, you know all about compliance policies dictating how and where you can access your sensitive data. Developing the right cloud strategy isn't easy, but the potential savings (both monetary and timely) are huge.

Cloud optimization gives your business the adaptability it needs to stay ahead in your competitive industry, and we can help you do just that, no matter which public cloud you currently use—we play nicely with them all. * Source: IDC Financial Industry Spotlight []

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Bank on AI solutions for financial services

Quickly detect and prevent fraud. Determine credit- and loan-worthiness. Improve customer service and product innovations. It's all possible when you're able to capture meaningful intelligence from your AI infrastructure. We'll help you remove data obstacles like cloud latency and AI bottlenecks to keep your data flowing from edge to core to cloud.

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Outsmart the fraudsters with real-time action

Cyberattack numbers only continue to grow. Customer information is especially sensitive for companies within the financial industry, so data protection easily slots into first place for fraud protection concerns. But siloed data can leave your business open to attack.

As cloud storage specialists, we can keep your data protected, wherever it lives. Thanks to our partners, we also bring you sophisticated AI data tools that deliver proactive intelligence, helping you better detect fraud.

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There are no upsides to downtime

Downtime for financial services companies can severely impact the business and the wider economy, so organizations must do everything they can to mitigate these risks. The right cloud strategy, resilient IT, and continuity planning are all essential to building a robust infrastructure.

We’ll help you unlock the cloud’s potential to prevent downtime and provide disaster recovery should the worst happen. And because we build compliance rules into our solutions, your data, applications, and cloud environments are privacy-ready.

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From our customers

See how customers succeed with NetApp solutions for financial services


All of the servers that run the analytics depend on NetApp storage as well as Virtual Machines that run on NetApp storage. It's critical that we have systems that are always up and running, and always up and running well.

Greg Weld, Senior Converged Infrastructure Engineer, FICO

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Building the bank of the future on NetApp technology

Société Générale launched its Digital for All program with the ultimate goal of providing better customer and employee service through agility and quicker time-to-market.

Societe Generale image

Innovating faster with NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft Private Cloud

With a large project backlog, the development and test infrastructure at ING DIRECT Australia could not meet the bank’s appetite for innovation.

ING Direct Image

Helping the German stock exchange innovate in the private cloud

Retail investors rely on German stock exchange Börse Stuttgart for super-low-latency trading in more than 1.8 million financial products.

Stuttgart Image

Surpassing consumer lending limits with the power of data

Shanghai PPDAI increasingly depends on AI to help the company process an increasing amount of unstructured data as it expands into other countries.

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