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NetApp data and storage solutions for Azure

From migrating applications without code changes to strengthening database security and scaling VMware environments, find better business outcomes with integrated solutions from NetApp® and Azure.

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Accelerate your Azure migration

Deliver better outcomes, faster

  • Remove cloud transformation barriers.
  • Reduce the complexity, cost, and effort inherent in cloud migrations.
  • Achieve the flexibility, stability, security, and control you need to move your business forward.
  • SAP
  • Cona
  • Repsol

Trust SAP on Azure

SAP data is vital to the success of your business. Achieve new levels of performance, agility, and availability with Azure NetApp Files, an Azure storage service certified for use with SAP HANA.

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Get multilayered cyberthreat defense

Traditional data protection approaches aren’t keeping pace with today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. NetApp cyber-resilience solutions for Azure provide built-in protection, threat detection, and rapid recovery capabilities that allow you to gain the visibility and control needed to avoid disruption, downtime, and data loss.

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Azure NetApp Files is your key to Azure

It's enterprise file storage, powered by NetApp. A Microsoft Azure native, high-performance file storage service for your core business applications. Azure NetApp Files is a fully managed service built for simplicity, performance, and compliance that will take your business to the cloud faster and more securely than ever before.

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Get more from Azure

We have the ultimate toolkit of integrated data services that can help you manage your data and quickly migrate even the most complex enterprise applications.

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Next steps

Whether you’re migrating workloads or just want some architectural advice, NetApp can help you take advantage of cloud solutions faster and at lower costs. Let’s get started.

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