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Oil and gas

Accelerate key workflows for seismic processing, reservoir simulation, as well as enterprise applications.

Power your energy applications with NetApp

NetApp helps energy companies manage big data to improve decision-making, accelerating data analysis for 3D modeling, exploration, seismic processing and rendering, as well as drilling simulations can pay huge dividends when evaluating and drilling a prospective oil well.

NetApp is a member of the The Open Group and an active participant in the Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum (OSDU).

Oil and gas

Oil and gas exploration companies are under the pressures of both time and cost. On one hand, the volume of project data that is generated by an increasingly diverse set of applications continues to grow while IT budgets continue to shrink. On the other hand, the desire to access even older projects nearly instantly is becoming a critical business concern, because reworking older data is more cost-effective than acquiring new data.

Oil drilling machine

FlexPod for 3D graphics visualization

Graphically intensive workflows continue to evolve. Feeding data to decentralized visualization workstations is increasingly difficult, due to the rapid growth in dataset size, inability to upgrade bandwidth to the desktop, and the need to integrate diverse, multidisciplinary data types.

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Seismic archiving

The NetApp Unified Storage Architecture delivers high performance and reliability for your seismic interpretation and decision-making applications. It also can deliver low-cost, massively scalable archival and compliance-enabling storage solutions for these same applications. A single set of management tools simplifies your enterprise data management and lowers TCO.

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Get started on your cloud of choice

Power your energy applications with cloud solutions from NetApp, the leader in shared cloud storage.

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Digital transformation of the energy industry through data and AI

See how senior leaders from leading energy companies are driving digital transformation through data and AI. Read this report to get insights into how they are thinking about

  • development and adoption of new technology
  • remaining competitive with AI
  • what they hope to achieve with AI and data analytics

Repsol Uses the Cloud to Help Make Decisions Faster

Repsol registered a 6.5x performance increase for their Petrel applications by moving to Azure cloud. They traced 90% of their performance increase to their choice of storage, Azure NetApp Files.

Repsol Sinopec marine facility

CGG fuels resource discovery with on-demand geoscience processing

CGG’s proprietary Geovation software is the powerhouse behind the company’s seismic data processing and imaging services. Data collected from hundreds of thousands of sensors is transferred to one of the company’s 30 global subsurface imaging centers, where it is processed using Geovation to create precise, 3D images of the earth’s subsurface.

CGG facility

Process and store database workloads and keep pace with growing performance needs

When formerly government-run Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (BEDAŞ) became a privately held entity, the company—the leading utility operator in Turkey—strove to continue to provide best-in-class IT services for its 4.7 million subscribers. With scalable NetApp® all-flash storage, BEDAŞ keeps up with its changing data and resource requirements, and accelerates the delivery of new service features to its customers.

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