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Unlock the future of manufacturing

Enable smarter manufacturing with an intelligent data infrastructure that lets you innovate more efficiently and sustainably, opens the door to emerging technologies, and allows new product and engineering approaches.

Smart manufacturing: What makes a factory smart?

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and interoperable systems empower machinery to anticipate its own needs. These systems are far easier to monitor—giving you greater responsiveness, improved productivity, deeper analytics, and safer plant floors. But first, you’ll need the digital infrastructure that can make it all happen.

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Smart manufacturing: Advancing your business outcomes



Manufacturing leaders that say they are investing in new technology 1



Manufacturers that prioritize sustainable practices 1



Manufacturing execs that have scaled data-driven applications beyond single-product production 2




Throughput increase with AI-boosted process optimization3

Greater visibility for greater control

Being able to see your entire supply chain prevents delays. NetApp can help you connect the dots, monitoring your supply chain status and operations in real time.

supply chain visibility

Lean manufacturing needs lean data capabilities

With strong competition and rapid buying cycles, it’s hard to understand your bottlenecks. But NetApp® solutions can help you deploy in-depth analytics at speed to avoid supply chain interruptions and boost operational efficiency.

supply chain optimization

The best quality for your quantity

As product and process complexity increase, QA processes must evolve in parallel. NetApp solutions can boost data handling for faster defect detection and smarter product management—from initial to final distribution.

quality management

AI value fresh off the production line

From supply chains to factory floors, AI is revolutionizing every step of the Industry 4.0 manufacturing cycle—all you need is the right infrastructure to enable it. NetApp helps you forge data pipelines with that can handle the most demanding workloads without missing a data point and increased data accessibility.

ai value fresh

Your industry is our accolade.

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