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Take a unified approach to data and build an intelligent data infrastructure that breaks down silos and simplifies management. NetApp® AI solutions enable performance, productivity, and protection for your data, for AI—anywhere.

Data fuels AI, NetApp fuels data

Seamless data mobility

Simplify your hybrid workflows and integrations by using AI-optimized data management to instantly classify, move, and serve data across any hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Maximize performance

Get all the performance, efficiency, and scale you need to provision data – and optimize GPU utilization – for every workload across the AI lifecycle.

Scale AI securely

Keep your data protected with built-in real-time cybersecurity and anomaly detection. Enable versioning and traceability of multiple AI models in production with scalable data snapshots.

Faster data-driven decision making

5 x Run 5 times more data through your pipeline
60 sec Copy datasets in seconds versus hours
20 min Configure in 20 minutes with Ansible

Generative AI


Gaining unprecedented insights by safely using business-proprietary data at any part of the AI lifecycle, including data processing, training, fine tuning, inferencing, and monitoring.

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Computer vision


Removing data bottlenecks to enable faster AI image and video interpretation. Improve workload training with simplified data management.

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Natural language processing


Freeing data to flow quickly through each step of your data pipeline. Use state-of-the-art language models that can be trained and optimized to perform inference rapidly.

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Model training


Training AI models on large datasets. Requires proven expertise, including architecture that reduces infrastructure overhead and improves performance.

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Model Training

High performance computing (HPC)


Organizations that need to process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data used in AI. NetApp HPC solutions are lightning fast and highly reliable.

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AI Resources

Want to learn more about AI? Check out our resource hub page for AI where you can dive deeper into all things concerning AI via videos, blogs, documentation, and more.

AI in the automotive industry

NetApp AI solutions help you build a data pipeline across your hybrid cloud to fuel digital transformation, improve data mobility, and propel next-generation vehicles.

Explore AI automotive solutions
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AI in medicine

Leverage data insights to expand and improve care.

Explore AI healthcare solutions
medical equipments

AI in Financial Services

Eliminate data silos and bottlenecks to accelerate AI-driven transformation.

Explore AI financial services
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AI in Government

Drive automation to increase productivity and save costs.

Explore AI government solutions
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AI in Manufacturing

Boost productivity and unleash profitability.

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Ask our AI solution experts

If you’re ready to talk shop about AI, NetApp AI experts can quickly help you with your specific needs. Need a personalized solution-oriented briefing session? We’ve got those too.

NetApp AIPod fuels the metaverse


NetApp AIPod consolidates a data center’s worth of analytics, training, and inference computing into a single, integrated system. We can easily get our AI and ML workloads up and running without worrying about setting up our own AI infrastructure.

Anri Kitami, Software Engineering Specialist, Pong Yuen


Award-winning leaders in AI

NetApp and NVIDIA live and breathe AI, partnering for years to provide trusted, validated AI solutions.

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NVIDIA NeMo retriever

To maintain AI security, NetApp and NVIDIA are offering an information retrieval service that unlocks existing data for secure, private generative AI.

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AI in the wild

GenAI is not a gradual evolution of technology—it's a complete overhaul. Hear NetApp and NVIDIA experts discuss how companies are capitalizing on the potential of AI.

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