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Protect, Detect, Recover; Guaranteed.

Data is your most important asset, and your storage is your last line of defense against ransomware. When your perimeter is breached, trust that NetApp will keep your data safe.

Why NetApp for ransomware protection

NetApp’s advanced portfolio of ransomware protection solutions helps you take proactive steps to protect, detect, and recover your data. Other storage vendors focus only on data recovery, but NetApp keeps your data protected and secured from the start — blocking cybersecurity risks and mitigating the high cost of downtime.

NetApp first and only

  • Powered by ML

    First storage-based machine learning to detect and respond to malware attacks.

  • Certified for top secret data

    Only enterprise storage vendor certified for NSA CSfC.

  • No back doors

    First to deliver immutable and indelible backups to prevent data manipulation or deletion.

Protect data against ransomware attacks

The right recovery starts with the right protection. With NetApp, you can:   

  • Increase data visibility across your data estate  
  • Employ end-to-end data encryption  
  • Secure user access  
  • Instantly block malicious files  
  • Prevent data destruction with immutable and indelible data copies  
  • Prevent damage by rogue administrators or malicious insiders  

Detect anomalies and threats in minutes

NetApp is the first enterprise storage vendor to deliver autonomous ransomware protection that uses machine learning to detect threats in real time. Combined with advanced detection of malware and user behavior anomalies, you can take immediate action to mitigate damage and accelerate data recovery. 

Recover more quickly to minimize downtime

Apply advanced data forensics and analytics to prioritize data recovery and to identify the source of threats. Bring applications online more quickly and restore petabytes of data in minutes to minimize the cost of downtime.

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Guaranteed data recovery

Your data is valuable — and cybercriminals are after it. Because data is the biggest target of ransomware attacks, you need a storage solution you can trust. NetApp can safely store and protect your data and help you recover it if a ransomware attack occurs.

If you can't recover your data, we’ll make it right.

An office vs. ransomware: The ultimate IT showdown

One click on an innocent-looking email, and a normal day at work turns into a nightmare. Think it can’t happen to you? Neither did Third Bank.

This regional bank is faced with a ransomware attack after an employee fell prey to a phishing email. Now that their systems are down and clients can’t bank, it’s a race against the clock.

Tune in to watch how their IT team grapples with the attack. And check out our practical guide, which will show you exactly where they went wrong and what you can do instead if you ever find yourself facing a similar threat.

GigaOm highlights NetApp leadership

GigaOm recognizes NetApp as a Leader and Fast Mover in the 2023 Sonar for File-Based Ransomware Protection

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