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AI in government: Algorithms for the people

Smarter policy making, reimagined service delivery, and more efficient operations. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), governments everywhere are taking advantage of their data like never before. NetApp® AI solutions have been playing a key role in this fast-moving modernization.

Why NetApp for AI in government?

Accelerating AI in the public sector

Whether hunting cyberthreats, operating military drones, tracking infectious diseases, or monitoring bacteria in water supplies, governments around the globe are fully embracing AI to do more with their mountains of data.

As the data authority on hybrid cloud, NetApp delivers AI solutions that remove bottlenecks at the edge, at the core, and in the cloud. By integrating with legacy IT infrastructure and the world’s biggest public clouds, we enable the public sector to keep its AI data flowing. With performance, mobility, protection, and scalability, government can keep its wide range of AI initiatives moving forward.

Shrinking the cyberthreat target with AI

With everything from personal identities to national security on the line, preventing cyberattacks has become a top priority for government agencies and organizations worldwide. NetApp AI solutions come to the rescue by automatically detecting the smallest anomalies (which traditional software can’t see) to prevent attacks before they happen.

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Saving time (and lives) through AI

Increasingly, governments are using AI for defense. Predictive maintenance of military vehicles maximizes resources and keeps units at the ready. Using AI-enabled autonomous ground vehicles reduces the number of soldiers on the battlefield. For these and other strategies, NetApp AI solutions help ensure that data flow is never the enemy.

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Keeping public health fit with AI

NetApp AI solutions continue to play a vital role in improving the health of—well, public health. This includes everything from quickly detecting infectious diseases and providing real-time insight into their spread to using computer vision for detecting lung lesions in medical images. AI is just what the doctor ordered.

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Better government services through AI

Prioritizing investments in road work by analyzing traffic bottlenecks. Quickly identifying suspicious activity at a crowded event. Chatbots speeding response times using natural language processing technology. By keeping data available in the right place at the right time, NetApp AI solutions help governments deliver advanced public services through AI.

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Part of the digital twin work and digital engineering work that we are doing for the DOD is that we are taking a physical asset and turning it into a digital asset. That’s where the partnership with NetApp is extremely important, because it connects the physical world to the digital world. And without NetApp there, that’s going to be hard to do.

John Tomblin SVP, Industry & Defense Programs, NIAR Executive Director Wichita State University

Wichita State University

Your AI questions, our brainy specialists

We’d never expect you to go the AI journey alone. Our government AI solution specialists are standing by to answer whatever questions you might have. Simply select one of the following contact options and ask away.

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Break through the AI red tape

NetApp AI solutions remove bottlenecks at the edge, at the core, and in the cloud to enable more efficient data collection, faster AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration. Our unified data management solutions support seamless, cost-effective data movement across your hybrid multicloud environment.

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