Big Data Analytics solutions: The bigger the better

Data sprawl is only bad if you can’t harness it. NetApp solutions for big data analytics do just that. So you can move faster, scale with ease, and deliver maximum uptime to keep your workloads running.

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Why NetApp for big data analytics?

Consistent high performance and maximum uptime

NetApp’s innovative big data analytics platform can accelerate your data analytics by 50%, ensure your data is always available, and help you meet the extreme enterprise requirements for your Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL database workloads.

By leveraging NetApp for your big data analytics, you increase resource utilization and eliminate unnecessary data copies to help lower license fees, hardware costs, and overall TCO by as much as 50%.

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Deliver data analytics

Accelerate your data analytics by 50% or more to deliver business insights—and results—faster. Build your data lake on the most open, scalable platform in the industry. Discover how NetApp® big-data solutions can help you meet extreme enterprise requirements for your Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL database workloads.

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Access apps 24/7 Zero disruption

Store new, unstructured data and keep it available—so your Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL workloads are always running. NetApp big data storage solutions are open, scalable, and backed by comprehensive support, so you can deliver the consistent high performance and maximum uptime you need.

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Build a cost-effective, data-driven business strategy

Enable fast, actionable insights while improving cluster uptime. Reduce capital and operating costs by 30% or more. Learn how NetApp data analytics solutions deliver an open, scalable storage platform for building your data lake.

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Expertise and services

Find the expertise and services you need to get started with NetApp big data analytics solutions today.

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Splunk solutions

Don’t worry about uptime for your Splunk applications. Accelerate searches up to 22% on average for dense searching and 200% for rare searching. We’ll make your life easier with validated NetApp reference architectures.

Deliver the performance, flexibility, and application availability Splunk needs

Get high performance with modular flexibility for Splunk, coupled with NetApp monitoring applications and dashboards. Validated reference architectures deliver the performance, flexibility in storage tiering, and application availability Splunk needs to help you meet tight enterprise SLAs.

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Turn your data into insights—and business results

Run your Splunk applications without disruption leveraging high-availability NetApp storage. Optimize performance and capacity for Splunk’s hot, warm, and cold data tier.

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Drive superior results from your Splunk workloads

Realize improved performance, data availability, scalability, data protection, and many other advantages—compared to Splunk workloads running on commodity servers with internal drives.

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NoSQL solutions

Accelerate the performance of your NoSQL database applications and start storing new types of data for less.

Gain high performance, resilience, and scale for your NoSQL databases

Access your NoSQL data more frequently, and scale easily with compute and storage decoupled. Currently validated NoSQL databases include Couchbase, MongoDB, and Apache Cassandra. In addition, NetApp storage supports HBase, Redis, and MarkLogic NoSQL databases.

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Leverage an enterprise-class storage platform that's fast, reliable, and flexible.

Achieve predictable high performance. Consume fewer servers and less capacity to lower your cost of ownership.

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Fast and efficient cloud-based analytics

Convert and copy data in and out of the cloud fast for efficient cloud-based analytics. Analyze the most recent data at all times and gain up to 4x efficiency over traditional data movement.

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Hadoop solutions

Accelerate insights from all data and put validated NetApp storage solutions for Hadoop to work in your environment.

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Infrastructure trends for big data analytics

Read the IDC report on infrastructure trends for big data analytics to learn how to lower your TCO for production deployments of Hadoop and NoSQL.

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Customer stories

See how NetApp customers are using big data analytics solutions to do more faster, more reliably, and at scale.

MongoDB database solutions

Deploy MongoDB on NetApp storage arrays or NetApp HCI to build innovative, modern applications that create competitive advantage.

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Apache Cassandra database solution

Gain massive scalability, high performance, and continuous uptime—simply and securely—with NetApp solutions for Cassandra.

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Couchbase server solutions

Deploy Couchbase on NetApp for fast, available, flexible storage to handle your mission-critical data.

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Healthcare Association

Healthcare Association chooses NetApp for Big Data Analytics and saves 2.1M over five years.

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Mercy Technology Services

Mercy Technology Services improves patient care with flash-accelerated analytics.

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