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AI in the automotive industry: Innovation turbocharged

AI is driving the future—and present—of the automotive industry, leaving the past in the dust. With the right AI infrastructure, you can stay ahead of the competition and meet ever-evolving customer demands.

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Why NetApp for AI in automotive?

Your drivetrain to AI

AI is transforming the world of automotive. From connected and autonomous vehicles (AVs) to mobility as a service (MaaS) to smart manufacturing, AI is the motor, and a proper data infrastructure is the drivetrain. For automotive leaders, building an AI-ready infrastructure can seem more like an F1 track with hairpin turns, and less like a straightforward drag strip. NetApp AI solutions help you build a data pipeline across your hybrid cloud to fuel digital transformation, improve data mobility, and propel next-generation vehicles.

Fuel autonomous vehicles and mobility as a service

Training autonomous vehicles to see and make split-second decisions through AI and computer vision is no easy task. It requires an efficient data pipeline spanning edge, core, and cloud to quickly turn massive volumes of diverse vehicle data into actionable insights. With 108 billion miles of estimated demand for the United States alone,Statista, Mobility-as-a-Service: Statistics & facts, April 2022 AVs pose a colossal opportunity for MaaS. Soon, AI algorithms will be driving semitrucks and mass transit solutions. And, with the boom in pay-per-use services, they’ll even deliver your groceries.

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Connected vehicles and services around the globe

From in-car personal assistants and dynamic maintenance to alleviating rush-hour traffic, AI and natural language processing are revolutionizing the driver experience. Connected-vehicle development relies on instant, secure, and always-on access to data from vehicles across the world. NetApp® AI solutions help blast data silos and improve data mobility to reinforce a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) model.

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Manufacturing made smarter with AI

Industry 4.0 has arrived, and manufacturers need AI-powered smart factories that deliver operational and cost efficiencies. Your infrastructure shouldn’t struggle to keep up. NetApp AI solutions integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, delivering the performance, mobility, protection, and scalability you need to stay relevant and profitable in the automotive industry. 

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Automotive success stories

Automotive leaders trust NetApp with solutions that accelerate and simplify data mobility across on-premises and the hybrid cloud to drive their businesses forward. Don’t just take our word for it though; take theirs.

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Anyone who's tried transferring large files around knows how painful and clunky it can be. Our PIV files can have hundreds of gigabytes, and therefore it's important we have NetApp to enable us to move those around as efficiently and quickly as possible so that there are no delays to our wind tunnel test program.

Joe Masterson, Senior Aerodynamicist, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team

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NetApp has shown us the power of its comprehensive suite of solutions, from all-flash storage systems to all opportunities offered by NetApp cloud data services. The company has helped us capitalize on today’s business opportunities while we innovate for tomorrow.

Andrea Spina, Chief Information Officer, Ducati Motor Holding

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Have AI questions? Our specialists have answers

We’d never expect you to navigate the AI course alone. Pick an option below to ask your question, and one of our AI solution specialists—not a salesperson—will get back to you quickly.

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NetApp AI solutions and open-source software

The complete portfolio of NetApp AI solutions provides everything you need to accelerate your data pipeline.

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