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Accelerate AI-driven transformation in financial services

In the finance industry, growth and AI are increasingly intertwined. But factors like data silos, compliance, and security concerns can leave AI initiatives tied up in knots. Remove progress kinks with proven AI data solutions that eliminate data silos and bottlenecks to smooth your cloud integration.

Why bank on NetApp for AI in finance?

Keeping robo-advisors and financial institutions on their toes

Streamlined credit decisions. Next-level risk management. Relentless AI fraud detection. Distinctly personalized services. The potential value that AI can unlock in financial institutions is a big deal, and then some.

Successful digital transformation is also a big challenge. It hinges on efficient data collection, fast data movement, and robust defenses. That’s the power of NetApp® technology. As hybrid cloud and data storage specialists with oodles of AI and financial services experience and market-ready analytics, we know how to accelerate and to protect your AI workloads from edge to core to cloud. Oh, and more than 9,000 financial services organizations worldwide already trust us to solve some of their thorniest data-related challenges.

Quickly detect and prevent fraud

AI has become a go-to tool to reduce risk, to eliminate fraud, and to protect customer endpoints…if your data management solution can keep up. The NetApp® ONTAP® AI proven architecture consolidates the resources that you need into a flexible, validated solution. Get the performance and scalability that are essential to feed, to train, and to operate your AI applications without the configuration hassles.

Determine credit- and loan-worthiness

Who doesn’t want more customers with fewer risks and streamlined loan processes? Machine learning (ML) models that analyze credit-decision-making and credit-risk-analysis data make both possible. And NetApp®computer vision, ML, and AI solutions put you ahead of the deployment curve.

Improve customer service and product innovations

Leading banks and financial institutions are using AI-powered technologies, such as natural language processing, to reimagine customer service and interactions. To remove service bottlenecks, solutions like robo-advisors can answer tough questions in milliseconds. NetApp® AI tools and solutions are the foundation for personalized content. Hello, happier customers and higher revenue.

The ability to use machine learning AI is essential to our mission to serve the financially underserved. To us, data is like the ingredients, and machine learning and AI are the ability to cook. So, you combine them together, you can cook a good meal.

Dr. Gu Ming, Chief Data Officer, Shanghai PPDAI

Have AI questions? Our specialists have answers.

You made it this far, so you must have questions. Let’s dig in. Just pick one of the following contact options, and an AI solution specialist—not a salesperson—will get back to you quickly. Oh, and we don’t even route your inquiry through sales. We just want to help you get on a fast track to solving your most pressing AI challenges.

NetApp AI solutions and open-source software

The complete portfolio of NetApp® AI solutions provides everything you need to accelerate your data pipeline.

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