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Pong Yuen: Using AI to solve real-world challenges in the metaverse

NetApp enables Pong Yuen to improve decision making with AI-driven simulations

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    • 6x

    • Increased machine learning training performance

    • Time saved

    • Dataset copies are created in seconds vs. hours

    • Lower costs

    • AIPod reduces model training expenses

Pong Yuen

Pong Yuen


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Envisioning real-world solutions in the metaverse

While most conversations around virtual worlds have focused on gaming and social networking, Pong Yuen Holdings Limited is using the metaverse to help organizations drive digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage. Through AI-enabled simulations, Pong Yuen trains machine learning models to discover better solutions to real-world problems and lower risks, such as creating virtual highways to develop and train the machine learning models powering self-driving cars.

Building an AI infrastructure capable of managing analytics, training, and inference requires a robust infrastructure — and with NetApp AIPod, Pong Yuen can customize and deploy AI with preconfigured solutions built on a field-proven, validated reference architecture. With a single, integrated system, Pong Yuen can consolidate their data and get workloads up and running with minimal complexity.

Simplified, streamlined AIOps

Pong Yuen data scientists run experiments to create and capture the synthetic data used to develop and train machine learning models – but coming up with different combinations and configurations is challenging and time-consuming. With NetApp, Pong Yuen is able to create dataset copies in seconds rather than hours.

As Pong Yuen generates massive amounts of data, the NetApp storage they utilize delivers an unparalleled data-reduction ratio to ensure ultra-high performance for even the most demanding workloads. NetApp helps deliver improved training, faster time to market, and higher return on investment.

NetApp AIPod consolidates a data center’s worth of analytics, training, and inference computing into a single, integrated system. We can easily get our AI and machine learning workloads up and running without worrying about setting up our own AI infrastructure.

Anri Kitami, Software Engineering Specialist, Pong Yuen

NetApp sets the gold standard for AI infrastructure

NetApp AIPod offers scalability and data freedom from edge to core to cloud, giving Pong Yuen the ability to support changing business needs as they grow. With this powerful AI infrastructure, Pong Yuen is able to run more simulated tests, guide customers to make better decisions, and solidify a competitive advantage.

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