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AI Use Cases Webinar Series

As a collaboration with Nvidia, we ran a series of customer webinars over the last months to cover how AI and Data Analytics is changing the way businesses run, what trends and hurdles different industries are experiencing and the benefits to AI, ML & Data Analytics.

NetApp and Nvidia AI and Data Analytics Use Cases
automotive assembly line

AI is transforming the world of automotive, from connected and autonomous vehicles (AVs) to smart manufacturing and predictive maintenance… AI is the motor and intelligent, resilient, and flexible data access through award winning infrastructure is the drivetrain. Training autonomous vehicles to see and make split-second decisions through AI and compute vision is no easy task. It requires an efficient data pipeline spanning edge, core, and cloud to quickly turn massive volumes of diverse vehicle data into actionable insights.

The fundamental shift to software Defined Vehicles and the metaverse is transforming business models, leading companies to rethink the development process, focusing on digital and AI-powered solutions in areas including design and visualization, manufacturing, and customer experience. This was an in-person event hosted in Mercedes Benz World, Brooklands Drive were NetApp and Nvidia experts discussed how AI is changing the way the automotive industry harnesses data and help businesses build a data pipeline across hybrid cloud to fuel digital transformation, improve data mobility, and propel next-generation vehicles.

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