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Government data management, delivered at the speed of relevance

Future-proof your infrastructure and expansion to the cloud with NetApp Data management solutions and services for the U.S. Public Sector.

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Why NetApp U.S. Public Sector, Inc.?

Data is the core DNA of public sector missions, whether supporting readiness on the front lines, modernizing public health infrastructure to care for citizens, helping students pilot advanced research, or ensuring that airlines transport passengers safely.

Government data management solutions

That’s why U.S. public sector organizations are partnering with NetApp to modernize their data management with innovative public sector IT solutions. NetApp data management and data governance solutions and services help break down data silos, improve security, and remove barriers with a modernized infrastructure.

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Public sector IT solutions

Explore how NetApp is helping public sector customers flash forward into the future with infrastructure modernization and data management solutions that deliver unrivalled security, flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness – while meeting sustainability and cost-savings goals.

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Public sector cyber security

Experience the power of NetApp cyber resilience solutions for public sector cyber security. NetApp provides an integrated and unified approach to cyber security strategy, addressing everything from data protection and compliance to actioning zero trust.

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Public sector hybrid multicloud

Explore the data management benefits of unified and optimized public sector hybrid multicloud operations. NetApp provides a multicloud strategy that can break down data silos and seamlessly move, manage, and secure data across your premises, public clouds, and the edge, all from a single interface.

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Public sector AI and data analytics

Unlock the potential of AI in the public sector. NetApp delivers AI data strategy that integrates with the world’s biggest public clouds and your legacy IT infrastructure to enable more efficient data collection and accelerate AI workloads to quickly uncover data-driven insights.

Public sector security and compliance for data management and IT solutions

NetApp knows the threat to data security is greater than ever, so we prioritize achieving the highest levels of government security and compliance – including FedRAMP, StateRAMP, DoD Impact Levels (IL) and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) validation.

This unique achievement is an example of innovation in commercial technology addressing critical national security issues.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers USN (Ret.), former Director, National Security Agency (NSA) and Chief, Central Security Service

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Federal Government

Data is the core DNA of every federal government mission and critical to delivering modern citizen services. Learn how NetApp solutions help reduce complexity and leverage data in a way that brings immediate and lasting advantage to every mission.

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Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence

Our service members need rapid access to the latest data and technologies to make real-time, mission-critical decisions faster. Learn how NetApp solutions enable the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to access data securely, on time, at volume, and at the real-time speed of the mission.

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State and Local Government

In state and local government, the most successful organizations prioritize access to data-rich systems that enable fast decision making, accelerate processes, and improve the citizen experience. Learn how NetApp solutions enable a more responsive government that operates at the speed of citizens.

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Today’s institutions of higher education need access to data-rich systems that improve the student experience, enable researchers, and protect student data. Learn how NetApp solutions enable streamlined operations, connect students and speed learning.

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