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U.S. East Coast City

Move to a cloud-based solution, freeing up significant space at the data center and reducing overall cost of ownership.
us east coast city building

U.S. East Coast City

IT Provider Surges Ahead in a High-Speed Race to the Cloud

Technology moves fast, but some government agencies do not. One of the biggest obstacles for city or state IT providers to overcome is the procurement process. It’s hard to stay agile when it can take months to purchase or to upgrade IT services or solutions. One central IT provider for a large U.S. East Coast city avoided this lengthy transition period by adopting a NetApp cloud-based solution.

Before finalizing the agreement, the IT provider completed an evaluation of Cloud Volumes ONTAP and saw that the transition to the cloud would be seamless. The same features for the on-premises solution were also available through the cloud.

Paul Baum Account Executive, NetApp

This IT provider wanted extra storage capacity but could not wait several months to get it. The provider plays a critical role in the city, overseeing an operating budget of several hundred million dollars, serving more than 120 city agencies, and employing over 1,000 people. In this case, service disruptions are not only expensive, they’re potentially dangerous. The city could not afford any outages due to infrastructure changes or modifications. At the same time, because the city generates massive volumes of data daily, the IT provider wanted a cloud-based solution so that it could scale at will, on demand, and without a lengthy acquisition process.

Rather than waiting for a months-long procurement process, this organization adopted the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP cloud-based solution. Within days, the IT provider replicated upwards of 80TB to the cloud, freeing up significant space in its data center.


Seamless data movement between the cloud and the on-premises data center allowing the IT provider to expand its storage system as needed, without losing any features or capabilities.

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