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U.S. Government Organization

Share resources and recover data quickly in a private cloud.

Officials in us government organization server room and analyzing in laptop

U.S. Government Organization

Advancing National Security with a Classified Cloud

Protecting details concerning U.S. security is no small task. The systems for housing any agency data must not only meet critical security protocols but also keep the data easily accessible. One organization sought a private cloud-based network that would support resource-sharing among related teams that must be segregated from each other, while allowing it to quickly recover essential information.

Building upon NetApp® Secure MultiTenancy capabilities that are government approved, the department created a “classified cloud” that lets it share resources while meeting critical security protocols, accelerate backup recovery, reduce the storage footprint, and improve the flexibility for future expansion.

The way that NetApp Secure MultiTenancy can carve up storage into individual pieces that each user, or each network, can access—and only they can access—made NetApp a solution that the security team would approve. When we started looking at this, the other vendors claimed they could do it [multitenancy]. But, when push came to shove, they backed down. The only one that truly could do what we needed was NetApp.

Pat Connolly Independent IT Contractor

The department belongs to an organization that relied on several networks, each with its own hardware and unique backup solution. The networks were quickly running out of server room space, cooling, and power. “We were just maxing it out,” says Pat Connolly, an independent IT contractor who was called in to solve the department’s challenge.

NetApp delivered a solution that creates a “classified cloud” that is totally isolated from other networks, with one separate piece that functions as a file share. Connolly’s team developed a solution that incorporates NetApp All-Flash FAS Hybrid Storage with full disk encryption and NetApp ONTAP Data Management Software. Backups are now streamlined with a pairing of NetApp Cloud Backup (formerly NetApp AltaVault) and Commvault IntelliSnap for NetApp. NetApp StorageGRID provides the secure shared archive.


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