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Syracuse University

Improve university operations and academic capability with unified data fabric
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Syracuse University


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Streamlines Operations, Pushes the Bounds of Physics Discovery

NetApp Solutions helped Syracuse University lower storage costs for massive and growing data sets while improving both school operations and empowering academic research.

With better data, the university optimized day-to-day business operations, lowered IT costs, and helped university scientists contribute to Nobel Prize-winning research.

As data growth and affordability became an issue, storage and budget sustainability became our highest priority. We needed a more affordable way to store and access diverse sets of data for administration and for research. This required a unified platform.

Eric Sedore Associate CIO for Computing Infrastructure at Syracuse University

NetApp’s combined storage and software platform was easier to implement, manage, and afford than expected, transforming data storage from a pain point to a strategic asset.


  • Decreased number of data storage arrays (drive-based units) from 20 to one
  • Lowered storage costs for important, but non-urgent research data
  • Increased performance, reliability, and availability of critical operations data
  • Improved IT budget sustainability for university as a whole

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