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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: People first

We are a collection of diverse people from around the world with our own individual stories. We share the drive to create innovative, world-class products. We're One NetApp, and we find strength in celebrating our individuality.

What is diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging?

Celebrating differences, embracing new solutions

To our NetApp® team, “walking the talk" means we must hold ourselves accountable in our work toward greater demographic, physical and cognitive diversity. Embracing a culture of diversity requires that we create opportunities for equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging (DEI&B) every day. And the culture of inclusion at NetApp fosters a strong community that’s empowered to innovate.

Our diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals are a continuous process of self-reflection and growth, to build belonging within our culture, values and business practices.

We believe that the strongest and most creative teams have the best talent, are unified in purpose, and diverse in thought and background representing the customers and communities we serve.

George Kurian, CEO, NetApp

image of George Kurian

NetApp employee business resource groups

The perspectives of our team, when shared, create a more inclusive, globally diverse workforce. Our NetApp employee business resource groups are instrumental in driving our DEI&B efforts—making them a strategic business asset.

man in wheelchair at table with work peers

NetAbled provides advocacy and support for people with invisible and visible disabilities. We partner with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and other enterprise groups to guide inclusive practices that promote equity, accessibility and education.

Our vision is a more inclusive and accessible organization where all employees can thrive.

woman working on a computer
Women in Technology (WIT)

NetApp Women in Technology (WIT) fosters a sense of community by providing a forum at NetApp for mentoring, networking, communication, and professional development. We expose women to career opportunities in all fields and influence our corporate culture to further embrace diversity in the workplace.

black man working at a computer
VIBE @ NetApp

VIBE (Visionaries Inspiring Black Excellence) shapes strategy that increases visibility and efforts focused on diverse representation, retention, community, and customer outreach. We create an environment for Black employees that fosters career growth, supports professional development, and advances the NetApp culture.

headshot of a military pilot
NetApp Veterans (NetVets)

NetVets provides career and professional opportunities to attract, recognize, advance, and retain veteran talent at NetApp. We apply veterans’ experience and leadership skills to drive innovation, increase engagement, and expand a community of veterans and their allies to create a great place for military personnel to work.

diverse group of people in a meeting
Unidos @ NetApp

Unidos at NetApp encourages diverse thought perspectives, and values of our Latin American & Hispanic employees, allies, partners, and the community through programs and activities that promote: culture, professional development, networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities. We foster the cultural diversity in our communities to create an inclusive environment that contributes to the success of NetApp’s business value and operational excellence.

diverse group of people working together
Proud @ NetApp

Proud promotes a safe, open, and inclusive culture that empowers the LGBTQ community and allies. We provide a learning environment for employees on LGBTQ matters and workplace policies.


NetAsia aims to promote equitable participation and celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of the Asian community at NetApp. Our goal is to bring together all NetApp Asian employees and allies to network, focus on professional development, and promote a sense of belonging, cultural understanding, and potential for career growth. We are dedicated to helping Asian employees thrive at NetApp.

As we strive to be the BEST of ourselves in our workplace – the various EBRGs promote an ecosystem where each one of us can thrive and be successful. NetAbled provides an opportunity to discuss about both visible and invisible disabilities and how we can make NetApp a truly inclusive place for all.

Sujoy Das, Financial Analyst

I joined WIT to expand my network, learn, and grow. I discovered the value of connecting with communities of supportive peers who challenge me to do more. I recommend joining our employee groups to every new hire – there’s so much we can do together!

Mercedes Adams, Principle Learning Ambassador

I’m grateful to work at a company that offers EBRGs. NNBT has helped me make new connections and meet awesome NetAppers, and it has also allowed me to go beyond my day job to gain leadership experience.

Rachel Haynes, Digital Marketing Inbound Specialist

NetVets is an organization that supports veterans, their allies, and the greater veteran community. NetVets fosters camaraderie, fellowship, business partnerships and collaboration among NetApp veterans, family members, and allies all while giving back to the community and helping to serve Veterans across the globe.

John Burke, Client Executive

As the global lead of UNIDOS and a proud Brazilian American, I am empowered to bring my authentic self to NetApp every day! UNIDOS is a representation of the diverse Hispanic/Latino communities we grew up in. At NetApp, we honor our Hispanic and Latin traditions, our rich culture, and we embrace the diversity our teams bring to the table. UNIDOS is where we find support, where we embrace our commonality and celebrate our differences.

Andreia Oliveira, Senior Business Analyst

Having a sense of community and belonging is paramount to feeling like you can bring your true self to work daily. Joining Proud allows me to celebrate the intersectionality of my various identities while growing as a leader.

Jamarian Monroe, Global Account Executive

As a founding member of NetAsia, I am dedicated to breaking down barriers and dispelling misconceptions of the Asian community. Through this group, we hope to amplify the Asian community and our voices, focusing on professional development and other initiatives that celebrate and empower our members.

Jennifer Wang, Chief of Staff, Shared Platform

NetApp makes an impact on people

Impact through people

Employees of NetApp around the world give back by donating money, time, and resources to the communities in which we live and work. Last year, the NetApp team donated $3 million in fiscal year 2021, facilitated 26,477 hours of service, and mobilized 2,141 volunteers. And we’re just getting started.

NetApp 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

We're proud to foster an environment that celebrates our differences, authenticity, and individuality as strengths - and opportunities to grow together. We aren't just a company of products but of people - all working together in the spirit of collaboration. 

snapshot of 2023 ESG report

Diversity and inclusion awards

With great pride, we present the following awards that NetApp has received due to our cultural emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Click each to dive more deeply into each recognition.

Military Spouses

NetApp is committed to providing employment opportunities and support to military spouses.

DOD SkillBridge

The SkillBridge program helps active-duty military personnel transition into civilian employment through the provision of US military fellowships.

family of 5
group of diverse people working together

Join our diverse community and make an impact

Come as you are and join our diverse global community—and make an immediate impact. Check out our careers site and find the role that's just right for you.

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