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Storage as a service improves university’s data management, reduces costs
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Storage as a service helps university manage its massive data growth on a flat budget

A prestigious university has extensive data that makes a global impact. It needed a more flexible, cost-effective, cloud-enabled plan, so it turned to storage tiering with NetApp ONTAP and StorageGRID technology.

With its explosive growth in data, the university knew that it needed to make a change. Working with NetApp, it created a storage-as-a-service (StaaS) model, in which its 12 schools and its undergraduate college pay for their share of data storage.

The cost benefit for utilizing StorageGRID is the performance gain that we see. We were able to increase our capacity, increase the performance, without having to raise the cost to my clients.

University Representative

The model’s multiple tiers follow a basic data lifecycle: creation, use, and storage. The university consolidated several old systems into one, and StorageGRID and FabricPool were a huge help.

Now the university wants to provide StaaS to its entire system so that everyone can better understand their data uses.

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