ONTAP: The industry-leading enterprise data management software

You need a solid foundation for your seamless hybrid cloud. NetApp® ONTAP® data management software gives you every advantage possible—everywhere. Looks like you just won the data management lottery.

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What is ONTAP data management software?

Seamlessly manage your data as it flows to and from wherever you need it most

We get it—you have more than one “#1 priority” right now…Help your business grow. Reliably support your current applications. Anticipate and prepare for the future. Plus, do it all without additional IT budget.

With ONTAP, you don’t need to compromise to achieve these priorities. Quickly respond to new business challenges, simplify your day-to-day activities, and impress your team. Sound like your cup of tea? Whatever your data management needs—on your premises and in the cloud—ONTAP has you covered.

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Key benefits

ONTAP® helps you create a smart, powerful, and trusted storage infrastructure that reduces costs, accelerates critical workloads, and protects and secures data across your hybrid cloud.

Simplify operations and reduce costs

Minimize your capex and opex, while gaining industry-leading efficiency. Provision storage in minutes for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL, VMware, and other business apps. ONTAP's features and capabilities help simplify day-to-day management. And by automatically tiering cold data to the cloud, it's easy to lower your TCO.

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Respond quickly to changing business requirements

Accelerate critical workloads with industry-leading performance. Scale capacity and performance without disruption. And quickly deploy enterprise applications on NetApp® storage systems and commodity servers and in the cloud.

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Protect and secure data across your hybrid cloud

Guard against data loss, protect from ransomware attacks, and accelerate recovery with integrated data protection. Eliminate business disruption due to failures, maintenance, and site disasters. And protect your sensitive company information with built-in data security.

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Free 90-day trial

Enjoy ONTAP® free for 90 days to discover why it’s the world’s leading enterprise data management software. Get started now with either Cloud Volumes ONTAP or ONTAP Select.

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Test Drive

Experience enterprise application protection in the data fabric with ONTAP. Take an up-close look by test driving a hands-on lab.

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Protect against ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a significant threat to your organization – not only because of the potential loss of data but also from the monetary impact and risk to your company’s reputation. Industry-leading NetApp® solutions can help you recover quickly from ransomware attacks with minimal impact, as well as prevent ransomware from spreading in the first place.

  • Protect against the most common types of ransomware through the native blacklist and whitelist capabilities in the NetApp FPolicy® file screening solution. Filter or block traffic based on file extensions and file metadata by using the file blocking methodology built in to FPolicy.
  • Prevent the spread of day zero ransomware attacks by combining FPolicy with third-party partner solutions, enabling NetApp ONTAP® to leverage user behavioral analytics.
  • In the worst-case scenario, quickly recover with NetApp Snapshot™ copies, which can help you avoid downtime and the associated costs of being off line.
  • Further protect your organization by creating immutable versions of your Snapshot copies that cannot be deleted by compromised administrator accounts, because the copies are fortified with NetApp SnapLock® compliance software.
Significantly reduce your all-flash storage costs: Tier cold data to the cloud

All-flash storage is great for delivering consistent, fast response times for critical business data. But once that data is cold and no longer regularly retrieved, it’s not optimal to keep it on an all-flash system.

Free up space on your AFF system by using the unique cloud tiering technology of NetApp® ONTAP® FabricPool, which automatically and seamlessly moves cold data to a lower-cost storage tier, either in the cloud or on premises. You can tier to your choice of the leading cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba. You can also tier to NetApp® StorageGRID®, an on-premises object-based storage solution that is very cost effective for deployments larger than 200TB.

You can reduce your primary flash storage needs by more than 50% without compromising performance, efficiency, or protection. Decrease the size of a new AFF system configuration, or reclaim capacity on an existing AFF system and consolidate more workloads on it.

Deliver the business continuity that your organization requires

Your applications likely have different availability requirements, depending on how crucial they are for your business. The comprehensive data protection and business continuity capabilities that are built in to NetApp® ONTAP® offer a broad range of solutions to safeguard your operations and keep them running smoothly.

  • Perform local backup and nearly instantaneous recovery by using space-efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies.
  • Achieve remote backup/recovery and disaster recovery with NetApp SnapMirror® Asynchronous replication.
  • Get zero data loss protection (RPO=0) with SnapMirror Synchronous replication. It is also space efficient, because storage efficiency savings are preserved during and after the synchronous data replication process.
  • Deliver business continuity for your most critical applications by using NetApp MetroCluster™ technology in your ONTAP environment. MetroCluster solutions provide continuous data availability by synchronously mirroring data between AFF or FAS storage systems. Configurations have the flexibility to be built using FC or IP connectivity, and storage systems can be deployed at a single site, across a metropolitan area, or in different cities up to 700km apart.
Secure your data with encryption

Protecting your data at rest is crucial for your sensitive information. Depending on which approach is best for your organization, you can deploy two types of NetApp® solutions that deliver FIPS 140-2 AES-256 bit encryption:

  • Hardware-based. NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) leverages self-encrypting drives to provide FIPS 140-2 level 2 compliance.
  • Software-based. NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) and NetApp Aggregate Encryption (NAE) deliver FIPS 140-2 level 1 compliance using software-based encryption on any drive type across AFF, FAS, ONTAP® Select, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments.

You can also deploy both hardware- and software-based encryption simultaneously, for two layers of protection for your most sensitive data.

In addition to encryption, NetApp offers a leading portfolio of data security capabilities to help you address today’s security threats as well as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements.

Leverage Snapshot copies for quick, efficient data protection and dev/test

NetApp® Snapshot™ technology is the basis of a unique ecosystem of high-availability, disaster-tolerant, and data-protection solutions for your ONTAP® environment. Because Snapshot copies have no performance impact, use minimal storage space, and are safe to deploy on running systems, system administrators use them to protect their data by taking and maintaining frequent, low-impact copies of files, directory hierarchies, LUNs, and/or application data on a running system.

Snapshot technology significantly improves the frequency and reliability of backups, and it allows near-instantaneous, secure, user-managed restores. Users can directly access Snapshot copies to recover from accidental deletion, corruption, or modification of their data.

Snapshot copies can also be used to instantly create writeable clones. These NetApp FlexClone® volumes are great for leveraging your data for development and testing of new business applications as well as report generation and analytics. Also, FlexClone volumes are space-efficient, because they don’t consume additional storage space.

Meet your broad requirements for data retention and data compliance

Do you need to retain files to meet regulatory or governance requirements as well as to support litigation holds and event-based retention?

NetApp® ONTAP® SnapLock® technology is ideal for these situations. It prevents files from being altered or deleted until a predetermined or default retention date. It does this by creating nonrewritable, nonerasable data on hard disk drives or flash media by using write-once, read-many (WORM) file locking.

Choose between two deployment options, based on your specific needs:

  • SnapLock Compliance is certified to meet strict regulatory requirements such as SEC 17a-4(f), HIPAA, FINRA, and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Rule 1.31(b), as well as national requirements for the German-speaking countries (DACH). WORM files using SnapLock Compliance cannot be deleted during the retention period.
  • SnapLock Enterprise supports corporate best practices, legal holds, and other requirements not covered by regulatory mandates. WORM files using SnapLock Enterprise can be deleted during the retention period by the compliance administrator, using an audited privileged delete procedure.

SnapLock also has the capability to incrementally append files while they remain locked, making it ideal for audio or video surveillance and logging.

Easily clean up data spills and meet GDPR requirements

Do you need better ways to delete confidential data that was placed on an insecure device or moved to an unauthorized location? Just deleting the file is not sufficient.

Previously, security departments often needed to take away the storage system for days or weeks to resolve data spills. Now, with the NetApp® Secure Purge feature that is unique to NetApp ONTAP®, you can remediate data spillage online while the system is in use, significantly decreasing the time and hassle. Third-party testing has proven that it works.

Secure Purge completely removes spilled data from the physical media where it was placed, on both hard-disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). It cryptographically shreds deleted files on NVE volumes by retaining active files and deleting the encryption key used to lock the spilled data.

In addition, Secure Purge provides state-of-the-art “right-to-erasure” capability that can help you meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Speed up team collaboration across multiple locations

Does your organization have teams working in multiple locations that need to collaborate on large projects, such as animation, software development, and corporate marketing? You can improve the speed and productivity of their collaboration with NetApp® ONTAP® FlexCache® technology.

With FlexCache, hot data is cached at multiple locations around the world so it is local to team members who are working on the project. This reduces the response time for users when they access the hot data, and it also gives them simultaneous access to centralized datasets, both of which are valuable for content-generation workflows.

Because only actively read data is cached, rather than entire files or volumes, FlexCache economically increases performance with minimal incremental use of storage resources. It also improves storage system ROI by lowering WAN bandwidth costs.

In addition, FlexCache can be used to cache data locally on multiple storage controllers within an ONTAP cluster in a data center. This increases throughput performance, which is valuable for read-intensive applications such as movie rendering, chip-design, seismic analysis, and financial simulation. It also gives you the flexibility to handle workload spikes by creating cache instances on demand, without investing in additional storage.

Deliver high performance for massive data containers

Compute-intensive workloads and large data repositories need massive NAS containers that deliver consistent high performance and resiliency. NetApp® ONTAP® FlexGroup volumes, running on NetApp AFF all-flash or FAS storage systems, are a great way to support those environments.

FlexGroup volumes are scale-out NAS containers that create a single namespace capable of growing to huge sizes – 20PB and 400 billion files – while also delivering predictable low latency and scaling performance linearly. They are quick to create and easy to manage.

FlexGroup volumes are effective for diverse areas such as:

  • Electronic design automation (EDA)
  • Software build and test environments, such as Git
  • Seismic, oil, and gas
  • Media asset or HIPAA archives
  • File-streaming workflows
  • Unstructured NAS data, such as home directories
  • Big data and data lakes (Hadoop with the NetApp NFS connector)
  • Database and VM backups
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) log file repositories

What is true enterprise application protection? Glad you asked

Take this hands-on lab to gain a better understanding of how ONTAP® technology simplifies database backup and space-efficient replication.

Test drive ONTAP data protection

Advanced features

Optimize your storage environment with ONTAP® to increase efficiency, protect against unplanned outages, and strengthen your overall security posture.

Reduce costs with data reduction technologies and configuration efficiencies

Shrink your data footprint and reduce costs with inline deduplication, compression, and compaction. Accelerate business operations with space-efficient clones, and increase usable capacity with advanced drive partitioning.

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Accelerate backup and recovery and satisfy strict data-retention policies

Benefit from near-instantaneous NetApp® Snapshot copies for local recovery. Enjoy synchronous and asynchronous replication for disaster recovery and backup, as well as write once, read many (WORM) protection for data retention, compliance, and ransomware attacks.

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Ensure that your business-critical applications stay online

It’s nice to know that you have the backing of greater-than-six-9s availability, as well as synchronous mirroring up to 700km. In addition, enjoy active-active storage-controller failover for high availability.

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Integrate world-class data security across your hybrid cloud

Avoid unauthorized data access with data-at-rest encryption and in-flight encryption for backup and replication. In addition, onboard and external key management, multifactor authentication, and secure purge fortify your security position.

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What does StorageReview think of ONTAP?

StorageReview recently published a review of ONTAP® 9.7 data management software. Read what they had to say about how it simplifies and enhances the management of your block and file workloads.

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Edge to core to cloud

NetApp® ONTAP® software provides a rock-solid foundation for data management on the broadest range of deployments. NetApp storage systems, commodity servers, the cloud—ONTAP offers yogi-like flexibility.

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Powerful tools

Whether you’re managing a small company’s single storage system or monitoring multiple clusters for a large enterprise, powerful ONTAP® tools simplify your day-to-day activities and provide intelligence you can actually use.

Simplify your cluster setup and day-to-day management activities

With NetApp® ONTAP® System Manager (included with ONTAP at no additional charge) you don’t need to be a storage expert. Get lightning-quick insights into capacity, system health, networking, and performance history.

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Simplify your management of multiple storage clusters

NetApp® Unified Manager boosts your admins’ efficiency by monitoring petabytes of data from a single dashboard. Discover, monitor, and receive notifications to proactively manage storage, security risks, and compliance while quickly resolving issues.

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Optimize and protect with predictive analytics and proactive care

NetApp® Active IQ® uses artificial intelligence and community wisdom to give you customized best-practice recommendations. Implement the actionable insights gained from managing your infrastructure with System Manager and Unified Manager.

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Ansible modules for NetApp

Define and deploy consistent environments—no matter the workload—throughout development, test, and production with more than 60 Ansible modules for NetApp.

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Managed upgrade service for ONTAP

Get the most from your investment by ensuring your ONTAP software is always upgraded to the latest version.

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