StorageGRID: Smart, fast, future-proof object storage

Your data is growing faster than ever, and only NetApp® StorageGRID® provides the simplicity, speed, and cloud integrations you need to drive your business forward.

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Why NetApp for object storage?

Optimized for enterprises, especially yours

NetApp StorageGRID is a software-defined object storage suite that supports a wide range of use cases across public, private, and hybrid multicloud environments. StorageGRID offers native support for the Amazon S3 API and delivers industry-leading innovations such as automated lifecycle management to store, secure, protect, and preserve unstructured data cost effectively over long periods.

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Step right up, choose your deployment

Every deployment is unique. StorageGRID aligns with your deployment preferences, whether that is optimized hardware-based appliances, or software-based virtual machines or Docker containers that run on bare-metal servers, or a combination across virtual and physical environments.

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IDC agrees that the future has arrived for your object storage

IDC validates the leading innovations of StorageGRID that stem from our vast experience in the unstructured data industry. These innovations are designed to help you take advantage of hybrid and multicloud integrations.

Architecture matters

Get to know one of the most powerful features of StorageGRID—information lifecycle management (ILM) rules.

Accelerate and simplify

The native StorageGRID load balancer is the key to achieving a cloudlike experience on premises.

Automatic cold data tiering

See how easy it is to automatically tier your cold data to StorageGRID object storage—and also to the major public clouds.

We have noticed that using NetApp StorageGRID is an excellent choice to reduce costs on primary storage. [StorageGRID] helps us grow our data faster, provides simplicity, accurate speed and cloud integrations. It has really proved genuine by providing smart policy-driven data management to us for the past year.

5-star Gartner Peer Insights review 

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Creating a single data fabric to serve millions of members

In the tightly regulated environment of HIPAA PHI and PII data, Blue Cross Blue Shield NC realizes cost-effective object storage and data tiering in a single, highly secure data fabric.


Cloud storage convenience gains a personal edge

Leading European services provider SVA turns cloud storage into easy-to-use and trusted services. The system integrator created S3 as a service based on StorageGRID.

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German broadcaster turns to StorageGRID for multidecade content repository

Every day, 45 million households across Europe have access to 14 free and pay TV channels from ProSiebenSat.1 Group. Thanks to NetApp, it can concentrate on creating and distributing content without worrying about where the data behind the content lives.

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Shooting for the stars requires a smart solution

Astronomy-related datasets are some of the largest in the world. The University of Colorado Boulder's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) relies on NetApp solutions to help collect, manage, store, and distribute these massive collections.

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Free your flash from cold data, increase utilization

Customers save an average of 30% on an all-flash deployment by tiering to StorageGRID from NetApp ONTAP® systems using FabricPool.

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Partner solutions

By teaming up with leading technologies, NetApp makes it easy for you to leverage our solutions. They’re already compatible with your enterprise.


With Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery, easily protect your data, virtual machines and applications.


Protect and simplify all aspects of data management with policy-based automation.

Veeam Software

Protect and manage your backup data with StorageGRID as your Veeam Cloud Tier.


Combine Splunk SmartStore with StorageGRID for storage at scale and performance at lower cost.

Apache Kafka

Scale your data storage tier and the data processing tier independently.


Explore analytics without limits by using a cloud-scale architecture.


Backup and restore data directly from on-premises object storage.


Simplify and accelerate your geo-distributed analytics platform at scale.

We tested a number of object storage type products—the performance, ease of use, management capability within StorageGRID met all of our needs. We’ve been a NetApp customer for over 20 years, so the ability to use one NetApp solution to talk with other NetApp solutions promises to provide better support and integration.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow and VP of Platform and Services Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

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Media and entertainment

StorageGRID plays a leading role in optimizing digital content workflows.

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Beneath any AI/ML pipeline, StorageGRID drives autonomous vehicle development.

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Healthcare / Life sciences

Simplify the management of genomic data with StorageGRID.

StorageGRID appliance portfolio

Create an enterprise-grade turnkey solution to solve specific performance or capacity needs.

  web-product-comparison-table-SGF6024.jpg dmxd1828-product-comparison-table-SG6060.jpg dmxd1828-product-comparison-table-SG5760.jpg dmxd1828-product-comparison-table-SG5712.jpg dmxd1828-product-comparison-table-SG1000.jpg
  SGF6024 SG6060 SG5760 SG5712 SG1000 / SG100
CPU cores 40 @ 2.4GHz 40 @ 2.4GHz 8 @ 2.2GHz 8 @ 2.2GHz 40 @ 2.1GHz (SG1000)
20 @ 2.4GHz (SG100)
Raw capacity

800GB SSDs = 19.2TB

1.6TB SSDs (FIPS) = 38.4TB

3.8TB SSDs = 91.2TB

7.6TB SSDs = 182.4TB
15.3TB SSDs = 367.2TB

4TB drives = 232TB
(712TB with 2 exp shelves)

8TB drives = 464TB
(1,424TB with 2 exp shelves)

10TB drives (FIPS) = 580TB
(1,780 with 2 exp shelves)

12TB drives = 696TB
(2,136TB with 2 exp shelves)

18TB drives = 1044TB
(3,204TB with 2 exp shelves)

4TB drives = 240TB

8TB drives = 480TB

10TB drives = 600TB

12TB drives = 720TB

18TB drives = 1080TB

4TB drives = 48TB

8TB drives = 96TB

10TB drives = 120TB

12TB drives = 144TB

18TB drives = 216TB

Not applicable.

Form factor 3U1U compute server included in form factor—environmental specifications using 220V for compute server. Environmental specifications can be found on the StorageGRID datasheet., 24 drives 5U1U compute server included in form factor—environmental specifications using 220V for compute server. Environmental specifications can be found on the StorageGRID datasheet., 58 drives
118 with 1 exp shelf
178 with 2 exp shelves
4U, 60 drives 2U, 12 drives 1U1U compute server included in form factor—environmental specifications using 220V for compute server. Environmental specifications can be found on the StorageGRID datasheet.
Connectivity 4 x 10/25GbE 4 x 10/25GbE 4 x 10/25GbE 4 x 10/25GbE 4x 10/25/40/100GbE (SG1000)
4 x 10/25GbE (SG100)
Width 17.32" (44 cm) 17.66" (44.86cm) 17.66" (44.86cm) 17.6" (44.7cm) 17.32" (44 cm)
Depth 32.01" (81.3 cm) 38.25" (97.16cm) 38.25" (97.16cm) 21.1" (53.6cm) 32.01" (81.3 cm)
Weight 90.74lb (41.17kg) 289lb (131kg) 250lb (113kg) 63.9lb (29kg) SG1000 39.0lb (17.7 kg)
SG100 37.9lb (17.2 kg)

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