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ON Semiconductor

Support a leading global semiconductor manufacturer's plan for growth through acquisition by standardizing its global infrastructure footprint

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Keeps Manufacturing Running 24/7 with Nonstop Operations

ON Semiconductor is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer whose semiconductors are used in almost every industry, including automotive, electronics, computers, and healthcare.

The company has grown quickly in recent years thanks to a series of strategic acquisitions. ON Semiconductor now has 125 manufacturing sites and 65 data centers around the world. For many years, IT was decentralized at the company—every site was responsible for its own IT. But as the company grew, it grappled with maintaining high availability across its global footprint.

The ability to move tremendous amounts of data from one data center to another with no interruption to the business was huge.

Phil Colon Senior Director of Global Infrastructure Services, ON Semiconductor

Downtime of any sort can have a devastating impact on the business. Downtime means that machines aren't working, people are idle, and product isn't shipping. To provide 24/7 availability and improve data protection for all sites, ON Semiconductor embarked on a mission to consolidate its footprint and simplify its SAN environment.

To support its strategy for growth through acquisition, ON Semiconductor depends on NetApp storage to standardize its rapidly expanding global infrastructure footprint. NetApp FAS and All Flash FAS systems enable the company to avoid costly downtime and accelerate performance for enterprise applications.



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