E-Series hybrid-flash arrays: Built to deliver

“E” is for everything you could want in a hybrid-flash array. NetApp® E-Series is built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications that need simple, fast SAN storage with enterprise-grade reliability.

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Why NetApp E-Series arrays?

Over one million installations and counting

Our E-Series arrays are the go-to system for so many because of the simplicity and reliability they deliver. From mid-sized businesses driving data-intensive applications like analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup, to small enterprises and remote offices needing mixed-workload performance for their dedicated apps.

In addition to solid performance, E-Series enables flexible and cost-effective backup and recovery to the cloud, and features a modern, browser-based GUI that enables simple, flexible administration and rapid data access.

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Primary use cases

From big data analytics, video surveillance, and high performance computing (HPC), to backup and recovery, E-Series is ready to earn your trust. And applause.

Big data analytics

Achieve consistent high performance, access your data more frequently and scale with compute and storage decoupled.

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Video surveillance

Meet the challenges of increased surveillance-data throughput, retention, and retrieval.

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Optimize performance for petabyte-scale, data-intensive applications.

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Backup & recovery

Get cost-effective, reliable, fast storage for backing up heterogeneous environments.

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E-Series arrays are designed with NetApp® SANtricity software to deliver multiple business advantages across a wide range of application workloads.

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Accelerate performance for all your application demands—out of the same enterprise-grade storage building block.


Realize best-in-class reliability running a robust, production-proven OS recognized for data-integrity prowess.


Streamline storage management leveraging the intuitive and powerful SANtricity® Storage Manager interface.

Easy to use

Manage your NetApp® E-Series system—anytime, anywhere—with an on-box, web-based interface.

Product models

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Built for high-performance and data-intensive bandwidth applications with enterprise-grade reliability.

  • Up to 1M IOPS, 21GB/s throughput
  • Scale to 6PB raw capacity with disk shelves
  • 99.9999% availability
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Optimized for small enterprises and remote offices that require mixed-workload performance and reliability for dedicated apps.

  • Up to 300,000 IOPS, 10 GB/s bandwidth
  • Scale to 1.8PB raw capacity with disk shelves
  • 99.9999% availability
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In media environments like our own, it’s critical to have a storage system that delivers total reliability, guaranteed speed, and real flexibility.

Steve Penney, Head of Infrastructure, Red Bee Media

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