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IT Infrastructure Management

: Simple, sustainable and secure

Table of Contents

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Dodge the data storage do-over 

No one likes to start over. And frankly, when it comes to data storage, you don’t have the time or the budget to deal with data silos, short-term patches or the dreaded do-over. Let’s stop the cycle of disruptive, expensive, time-consuming upgrades and add-ons and build an infrastructure that works for your needs today—and adapts to your needs tomorrow.  

Our adaptable infrastructure solutions deliver the speed your applications demand, the integration your workloads need, and the security all of your data deserves. And with NetApp, IT infrastructure management is a breeze—so you can focus on your business, not your storage.   

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Stay super secure, on premises or in the cloud 

Our competitors talk a lot about recovering from ransomware or a cyberattack. Recovery is absolutely critical—but it’s not the whole story. What would you rather do: clean up the feathers in the henhouse after a fox has torn through it, or keep the fox locked outside?  

Our data protection and security solutions focus on much more than just recovery. We take a holistic approach to protecting your data by blocking malicious files, detecting threats in real time, and deploying secure and efficient backups.   

To put it bluntly—our multilayered approach keeps your data secure when you’re facing a multilayered threat.  

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Find efficiencies that add up to real savings 

Whether you’re tracking increased energy prices or working toward corporate sustainability goals, you probably have savings on your mind. With real dollars at stake, you need real results from your IT infrastructure management services, not just promises or half-baked efficiency offers.   

Our solutions come with benchmarks for success, so you know that your investment is paying off. If you’re trying to maximize performance, use our storage efficiency guarantee (4:1 for SAN workloads and 1.5:1 for NAS workloads on NetApp® ONTAP® AFF systems). If you’re going green, refer to our carbon footprint scorecards. And if you’re trying to reduce data storage costs, use our Storage Lifecycle Program to automatically tier data to more cost-efficient storage with no need for refactoring applications.  

We know the value of a wise investment—and we guarantee that if we don’t meet your workload efficiency goals, we’ll make it right at no cost to you. 

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Build a future-ready IT infrastructure

Managing on-premises and cloud infrastructure is never a one-size-fits-all scenario. You need to manage storage, services, resources, workloads, and policies across hybrid multicloud environments—all while maintaining the agility to grow and evolve over time. Imagine what you’d want for your IT: something simple, seamless, automated, flexible… and, frankly, something smarter.  

Your wish has been granted. With our unified control plane, you have global visibility and unified IT infrastructure management across your entire data estate. With AI-driven automation, flexible consumption, and integrated protection, you can make data-driven decisions. Manage, automate, consume, and protect all of your data no matter where it resides—on premises, in the cloud, or both. 

Rich data services. Unmatched cloud integration. Your hybrid cloud like you’ve never seen it before. 

Let’s be honest. “Good enough” IT infrastructure management just isn’t good enough. Going with the cheapest, simplest option for your data center might meet your needs today… until you need to integrate with the cloud, or reduce your carbon footprint, or deal with ransomware. Suddenly, your solutions cost you much, much more and make life a whole lot more complicated.  

Forget “good enough.” Your data center demands solutions that meet your needs now—and evolve to meet your needs as they change over time. It’s OK to want more. To unify your structured and unstructured data (yes—file, block, and object) on a single software stack. To proactively protect your data with AI-driven security. And to rightsize your infrastructure with data tiering from all flash to hybrid storage to cloud. Our IT infrastructure management solutions are simple, sustainable, and secure, and our deep integrations with the world’s biggest clouds mean that you can build your environment based on your unique needs.  

So go ahead—want more. Your future self will thank you.  

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