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Pure Storage vs. NetApp

: Comparisons and evaluations

NetApp provides industry-leading data management capabilities in all environments—whether all flash or cloud. Learn why NetApp is the gold standard for data storage and management.

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30 years of being the first

NetApp has led its customers through generations of storage technologies by focusing on the future of data storage. We were the first to introduce data deduplication for primary storage, the first with end-to-end NVMe, and the first (and only) to partner with all three of the major cloud providers. For your data’s sake, choose the most protected and secure storage solutions in the industry.

Leading the industry in flash storage

NetApp has the industry’s broadest portfolio of all-flash, hybrid flash, and object storage systems. Learn why NetApp is the right choice for flash.

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Reduce your TCO

Attain new levels of cost efficiency with NetApp Cloud Tiering. Reduce your primary flash storage needs by more than 50% without compromising performance, efficiency, or protection. Native Cloud Tiering technology provides intuitive management of unstructured data by placing your cold data at the right tier, at the right time, and according to your defined policies.

Cloud Tiering - Pure Storage vs NetApp comparison

Don’t just take our word for it

Our customers are worldwide, part of every industry, and in every vertical. Check out their stories and learn how NetApp helps customers create a seamless, unified hybrid cloud environment.

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NetApp has showed us the power of its comprehensive intelligent data infrastructure solutions. The company has helped us capitalize on today’s business opportunities as we innovate for tomorrow.

Massimiliano Bertei, CTO, Ducati Motor Holding

Ducati chooses NetApp for All Flash Storage


One of my favorite parts about our NetApp partnership is that they saw the cloud not as a threat, but a complement.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow and Vice President of Platform and Services Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

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About 10 years ago we chose NetApp as our partner to help rebuild our infrastructure. And we’re now able to cure almost twice as many people a year.

Mike McCullough, CIO, Be the Match

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Compare Pure Storage and NetApp

Read about the top 12 reasons to choose NetApp over Pure Storage for your next storage investment on premises or in the cloud. And we’re just getting started.

NetApp Pure Storage
All Flash Storage ONTAP is the original unified all flash storage platform that enhances every kind of flash. Simplicity at the cost of capabilities. Cloud Storage AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more use ONTAP in their own native cloud applications. ”...ranks in the bottom third” in Gartner's critical capabilities for Primary Storage. VDI Storage Secure, high-performance all-flash unified storage platform for all VDI storage use-cases. No integration into public cloud-based Desktop as a Service. Storage Ransomware Protection Only enterprise storage vendor validated to store top secret data—listed on NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Component List. Not validated for the NSA CSfC Component List. VMware Storage The only VMware storage solution in both public and private cloud that is supported by VMware and private cloud. Pure's VMware storage solution is not supported in the public cloud and is limited to VMware Storage for private cloud use-cases only. AI Storage Highly efficient GPU Direct enabled AI storage that NVIDIA chose for their DGX-Foundry and SuperPOD architectures. Pure AIRI FlashBlade AI Storage does not support GPU Direct nor InfiniBand. Automated Data Tiering Intuitive automation and cost savings. No transparent tiering of cold data. Block, File and Object NetApp is the innovator in unified storage, bringing together block, file and object. FlashArray's file services that are so immature they require pre-approval from Pure before you are allowed to enable them. Converged Infrastructure FlexPod builds on 10 years of joint innovation with Cisco to deliver the industry's only hybrid multicloud converged system with over 190 validated designs. Pure needs three different products to cover common enterprise workloads, and only two of them are included in FlashStack validated designs, and none of these have native container support. Storage as a Service (SaaS) Keystone Storage as a Service with ONTAP Adaptive QOS and FabricPool technology provides 10x better availability SLA, 204% more IOPS, 400% more throughput than Evergreen//One. Evergreen//One Storage as a Service charges double the price for data that they cannot compress more than 2:1. Leadership and Innovation NetApp spends almost twice as much on R&D as Pure, resulting in consistent leadership and innovation in business practice and technology. Pure has lagged behind NetApp in introducing technologies such as ransomware protection end-to-end  NVMe, unified storage, scale-out, cloud storage and infrastructure, and storage as a service. Price to Value Only NetApp FabricPool automatically balances and optimizes your production all-flash capacity with efficient cloud storage. Pure's inefficient approach to data placement requires separate storage arrays and can’t leverage cost-effective HDD storage media.

Simplify your private, hybrid, and multicloud storage

The NetApp Keystone® portfolio gives you the flexibility to securely scale your cloud infrastructure, regardless of where your data lives. Simplify the way you acquire, consume, and operate across your hybrid cloud environment with Keystone.

Only NetApp supports your choice of clouds

What do AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have in common? They all trust NetApp to deliver outstanding performance and security.

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NetApp: Trusted by SAP and VMware for their most business-critical tasks

NetApp helps SAP quickly deploy software that helps customers get their business processes activated. And NetApp is the only cloud storage vendor that’s integrated, certified, and supported for use as a supplemental datastore for VMware Cloud environments.

Seamless upgrades and updates 

Achieve 100% uptime by choosing NetApp. NetApp Active IQ® Digital Advisor offers comprehensive health checks and predictive maintenance to help you generate your step-by-step upgrade plans. Would you prefer to have us handle the upgrades? Simplify your storage operations with NetApp Managed Services, and free your IT resources to focus on tasks that move your business forward.


Considering Pure Storage or NetApp?

NetApp offers lower costs, more features, and a unified system. Ask us how you can unify your data management, both on premises and across multiple clouds.

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