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Société Générale

Transform bank operations by launching a digital transition program

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Building the Bank of the Future on NetApp Technology

In conjunction with its 150th anniversary, Société Générale launched its Digital for All program in 2014. The program aimed to accelerate the bank's digital transformation by revitalizing its work collaboration methods, creating closer customer relationships, and better addressing customer needs—with the ultimate goal of providing better customer and employee service through agility and quicker time-to-market.

The name Digital For All only hints at the scope of the undertaking by the bank. “Digital For All was a way to link our story to our digital future,” says Thierry Pinart, deputy CEO for investment banking, private banking, and investor services. The infrastructure would need to support the bank's 140,000 employees, as well as 90,000 tablets across 32 countries. It would require worldwide installation of 8,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to facilitate tablet use inside the bank's branches. By providing more opportunities for employee engagement, D4A could speed up the bank's digital transformation, offering a platform of open communication between staff without regard for business line, location, or hierarchy.

Through OCI, we leverage advanced analytics to monitor, and master our systems. We can manage load peaks and make sure at the end of the day we've avoided issues and a high-quality service is provided to our customers.

Thierry Pinart Deputy CEO, Investment Banking Private Banking, and Investor Services, Société Générale

The huge growth in its digital infrastructure meant the bank had to exchange, store, and archive more data than ever. Société Générale's IT team understood that delivering on the vision of “Data for All” would require a high-performance tool that could gather data from across the infrastructure, across geographies and give end-to-end visibility, from compute to storage, in a single view.

OnCommand Insight helps Société Générale proactively identify vulnerabilities and risks to their IT environment. This enables them to avoid mission critical problems and meet key service levels for availability, performance, and utilization. The OnCommand Insight anomaly detection feature offers a proactive monitoring approach, analyzing historical usage to improve intelligence. It detects performance anomalies faster so administrators can react long before service level problems arise.

“Things move fast,” says Pinart. “In five years, the world will be much different. Digital transformation and data management are key to any business, especially a bank.” NetApp solutions prepare Société Générale to master today's data demands—staying ahead of the competition by controlling and leveraging the power of their data—and face whatever changes the next 150 years may bring.



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