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OnCommand Insight: Actionable knowledge now

If knowledge is power, actionable knowledge is your new superpower. NetApp® OnCommand Insight provides valuable insights across your entire infrastructure to help you see more, react faster, and reduce costs in a single bound.

Why NetApp OnCommand Insight?

Monitor. Troubleshoot. Optimize. Justify.

We built OnCommand Insight (you can call it OCI) to be oh-so-robust because we believe there’s no reason multi-vendor monitoring shouldn’t happen from a single pane of glass.

We believe that meeting SLAs should be a slam dunk, every time. And that tracking down and resolving problems should happen lickety-split (or faster).

We believe optimizing in the name of reduced IT spend is a glorious thing. And we believe that show-back reporting should be worn like a badge of honor.

Key benefits

OnCommand Insight helps you make more-informed decisions about your workload placement and IT spend by monitoring and troubleshooting your entire infrastructure.

Enable operations to run with more intelligence

Smarter monitoring across your multivendor on-premises systems and cloud resources ensures you’ll meet your SLAs every time. Enhanced troubleshooting helps find IT failures right away. You know, before they become big problems.

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Make informed decisions to help reduce and justify costs

Optimize your IT infrastructure to ensure applications are running on the right tier, while reclaiming unused resources to reduce costs. Better show-back reporting helps justify your costs to create accountability and business alignment. But don’t take our word for it—see what real users have to say.

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Uncover key insights into your hybrid-cloud Infrastructure

Learn how to make the best decisions on where to run your applications and workloads. In this IDC Analyst Connection report, get a better understanding about strategies for gaining insight into your hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

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Enhance IT management with infrastructure analytics

As IT infrastructures grow increasingly more complex, they become harder to manage and monitor. Learn how OnCommand Insight can help you gain new insights into your IT infrastructure and improve control of your data in a hybrid cloud.

NetApp IT

Gains visibility of its storage network, aligns services to business capabilities, and plans for the future.

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Primary use cases

The four key components of OnCommand Insight are designed to help you better monitor, troubleshoot, optimize, and justify spend across your entire infrastructure.

Better monitoring ensures SLAs are met

With OnCommand Insight, you can monitor your whole infrastructure in real time from a single dashboard. It allows you to know exactly how your systems are performing and being used.

This end-to-end visibility of your entire infrastructure helps ensure you meet your SLAs.

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Smarter troubleshooting increases customer satisfaction

Want to know about IT bottlenecks before they escalate into major problems? That’s what OnCommand Insight does for you. It helps find that needle in a haystack 90% faster than a traditional approach, so mean time to repair (MTTR) can be reduced and customer satisfaction can grow.

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Better optimization helps reduce costs

Monitoring your hybrid environment with OnCommand Insight gives you end-to-end visibility into what you have and how it’s being used. Armed with that insight, you can take action in your next buying cycle, and release unused resources to reap real savings.

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Delight users with better show-back reporting

OnCommand Insight can reduce your show-back report creation time from months to minutes with accurate metering that sheds light on actual costs and creates accountability.

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