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Holistic ransomware protection: NetApp’s multilayered solution for a multilayered problem

The foundation of the NetApp® ransomware solution includes the most secure and feature-rich storage environment in the market, NetApp ONTAP® data management software.

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Jason Blosil

If ransomware isn’t on your concern list, then it will eventually be on your discomfort list. As often stated, it isn’t a matter of if, but when a ransomware attack will impact your organization. And that reality may cause a lot of sleepless nights for those who are responsible for protecting your data. To effectively protect against a ransomware attack, it’s crucial that you deploy the right technologies and practices. But the best efforts may not be enough to prevent an infection. When an infection gets past your best defenses, rapid treatment is vital to a quick recovery.

Bring on the experts

Ransomware attacks are focused on your data. Bad actors want to steal it, expose it, or prevent its use. As experts in enterprise data management, NetApp knows more than a thing or two about data security and protection. We provide an industry-leading portfolio of technologies and services that look holistically at the issue to help you:

  • Protect your data securely
  • Detect internal and external threats
  • Recover quickly from cyberthreats and other disasters

We address the multi-layered threats with multi-layered solutions.


1. Infrastructure management

The foundation of the NetApp® ransomware solution includes the most secure and feature-rich storage environment in the market, NetApp ONTAP® data management software. Security and protection are in the DNA of what we do. You can efficiently create immutable and indelible data copies and replicate them securely to another ONTAP device or object storage as part of your data protection and security posture. You can block malicious files from being written to disk, monitor storage abnormalities, and much more. Learn all about it from Matt Trudewind’s six-part blog series, Fighting ransomware. With the latest release of ONTAP, we are breaking new ground by announcing the use of machine learning to detect and protect from potential attacks. The anti-ransomware feature built into ONTAP now offers the ability to monitor and detect threats at the file-system level, generate alerts, and then respond by creating a NetApp Snapshot™ copy as a recovery point. Read more about this new feature.

2. Infrastructure monitoring

Protection and recovery are crucial for an effective security posture. But detection is also important. Sadly, according to a recent Verizon study, 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, 85% of data breaches have a human element and 24% of incidents are from internal actors. So being able to detect internal or external threats should also be part of your plan. NetApp is continuing to expand its portfolio of monitoring and reporting tools to help with these events. NetApp Cloud Insights includes the ability to detect user account abnormalities that might indicate a ransomware attack. When abnormal user behavior is detected, a Snapshot copy is immediately and automatically created, in case it’s needed as a recovery point to help restore your data rapidly.

3. Infrastructure services

NetApp also offers a portfolio of professional services that can help you keep your environment secure and protected. For example, our Data Protection and Security Assessment provides a detailed analysis of your environment by specialists who can determine whether you’re following best practices and whether there are gaps in your security posture. Active IQ has recently added the capability to provide insights and guidance specific to protecting against ransomware attacks. Additionally, NetApp is announcing a new managed service, Flex Professional Services (FlexPS), that with the highest tier of service includes monitoring and collecting ransomware alerts to provide insights into risks to your environment. FlexPS also ensures that Snapshot allocations and storage limits haven’t been exceeded, which assists in protecting your data. Learn more about FlexPS by reading the eBook.

Partner for success

To add to the breadth of NetApp’s capabilities and expertise for protecting your data from cyberattacks, we partner with leading technology vendors to help you keep your business safe. Alliance partners such as Commvault, Rubrik, Veeam, ProLion, Cleondris, and many more integrate with our technology to deliver industry-leading solutions for protection and security. Learn more about our partners.

Find out why tens of thousands of customers rely on NetApp to store, manage, move, and protect their data. We invite you to learn more at NetApp INSIGHT® this year. Register today.

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