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The leader in object storage just keeps getting better with new StorageGRID systems and capacity flash

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Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan

NetApp® StorageGRID® use cases have dramatically evolved from backup and archiving to become a cornerstone for a wide array of modern applications. StorageGRID now underpins cloud-native applications; serves as scalable primary storage solutions for data lakehouses, analytics, and artificial intelligence and machine learning; and supports content delivery networks with its handling of unstructured object data.

Storage grid

With StorageGRID 11.8, we've refined the core of the object storage platform, focusing on user experience, security, and manageability. Now you can put the right data in the right place at the right time, thanks to our sophisticated information lifecycle management policy engine. For both traditional storage and primary object storage applications, StorageGRID 11.8 delivers industry-leading features and capabilities that facilitate effective data management. Read more about StorageGRID 11.8

New StorageGRID appliances

And now this innovative object storage software has been supercharged with the introduction of multiple new StorageGRID appliances

SGF6112 with capacity flash: Flexibility, sustainability, and performance leadership 

The all-flash SGF6112 adds a new dimension of flexibility, choice, performance, and sustainability to the StorageGRID appliance portfolio. Launched with performance flash drives in May 2023, it is now available with 30TB capacity flash (QLC) drives. The all-flash SGF6112 appliance is a game changer for customers looking to upgrade from older systems. It offers a similar price per GB while delivering up to a 3X performance increase, reducing real estate requirements by a factor of 5, and cutting power consumption by up to 70% for customers who have lower-capacity HDDs. 

SG6160: The high-performance powerhouse 

The SG6160 is designed for enterprises that demand uncompromising performance and price/performance. Offering capacity points from 240TB to 4PB, in addition to high performance, the SG6160 appliance offers the benefits of HDD performance to meet your exact object storage needs. It's also a perfect fit for any NetApp ONTAP® based storage environment, serving as an efficient backup or archival tier. When combined with NetApp AFF and C-Series platforms with FabricPool tiering software, StorageGRID enables customers to achieve the lowest $/GB all-flash solution in the industry today. FabricPool + StorageGRID frees up to 90% of the capacity from an all-flash system, while retaining performance for the hot data.  

SG5812: The entry-level workhorse 

The SG5812 is for enterprises that are seeking an entry point into object storage. Offering capacity points from 48TB to 264TB, this appliance upholds the StorageGRID promise of performance and price efficiency, as well as compatibility with your existing StorageGRID investments. 


SG5860: Cost-effective, high-capacity storage 

The SG5860 appliance shows our commitment to optimizing data storage. Offering capacity points from 240TB to 1.3P, it balances performance and cost efficiency, making it ideal for critical object workloads. Like all of NetApp’s new appliance models, it integrates seamlessly with current and future StorageGRID deployments through a simple 11.8 software update 

Embrace the future of storage now

Combined with NetApp’s innovative appliances (SG5812, SG5860, SG6160, and SGF6112) and new HA capable load-balancers (SG110 and SG1100), StorageGRID 11.8 is a leap forward in our mission to provide state-of-the-art object storage solutions. These new appliances support our growth in primary-only object storage use cases where the first and all subsequent copies of data reside on object only. 

These new StorageGRID appliances will also accelerate the rollout of AI/ML applications and data lakehouses, which are increasingly being deployed on object storage, and StorageGRID in particular. These offerings promise to streamline data management and enhance security, while reducing total cost of ownership. StorageGRID is the leader in object storage solutions that are both versatile and performance-driven to meet the diverse needs of today's data-driven enterprises. 

Get the leader in object storage today

For more information, or to schedule a demonstration, setup a briefing. We're here to support you every step of the way. And check out this page on all things StorageGRID.  

Vishnu Vardhan

Vishnu Vardhan is the Director of Product Management & Tech Marketing for NetApp’s Object Storage platform. Vishnu has spanned roles in software development, marketing and product management. Apart from a deep understanding of Storage in general and Object storage in particular, Vishnu also spent significant time in AI.

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