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The new NVMe entry system, AFF A250: Everything for everyone

Saurabh Modh

Typically, when you buy enterprise storage, you have to make hard choices. This is especially true with products from our competitors. Sometimes you can get the best performance, but it comes at a higher price. Sometimes you can get the cheapest system, but it doesn’t have the performance to consolidate enterprise applications or to serve data in a fast and consistent way. Sometimes you can only run SAN, and other times you get mediocre cloud integration.

NetApp AFF A250: Everything for everyone

With the NetApp® AFF A250 all-flash storage array, those days are over. AFF A250 is a brand-new, entry-level end-to-end NVMe system with embedded NVMe SSDs on the back end and NVMe over FC (NVMe/FC) host connectivity on the front end. The AFF A250 array is simpler, faster, and more efficient than its predecessor, the AFF A220 array. Delivering 45% more performance and 33% more storage efficiency, the AFF A250 system enables you to accelerate more demanding applications, consolidate more workloads in a shared environment, and reduce the cost of your data center. It also supports some of the fastest client connectivity on an entry-class system, such as 32Gb FC and 25GbE. Built on the latest NetApp ONTAP® release, ONTAP 9.8, which enhances our best-in-class cloud integration, the AFF A250 is going to further simplify data management across the hybrid cloud. Better yet, all of these new benefits come at no extra cost. You can expect a similar price to the previous model, AFF A220. AFF A250

Simplicity and efficiency for everyone

The AFF A250 system runs ONTAP 9.8, which continues to simplify data management with ONTAP System Manager, NetApp Active IQ®, and NetApp Cloud Insights. With the new system, you can provision storage for applications in less than 10 minutes. The AFF A250 also supports single-click ONTAP firmware and OS upgrades. Active IQ now supports new security health checks and one-button remediation. With ONTAP 9.8, AFF A250 systems provide expanded cloud integration such as cloud tiering, caching data to the cloud, and backup to the cloud. In addition, the new AFF A250 system provides 33% more storage efficiency thanks to ONTAP 9.8 enhancements.

Performance for everyone

AFF A250 technology is the ideal solution for virtualization and consolidation of mainstream enterprise applications (such as Oracle, SAP HANA, and Microsoft SQL Server). It also provides an attractive starting price for emerging workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time analytics, and MongoDB. It’s the latest example of NetApp’s focus on helping you modernize your infrastructure and meet the demands for fast, secure, and continuous data access. With the latest CPU as well as NVMe technology, the AFF A250 array delivers 45% higher performance with the lowest latencies compared to the AFF A220, and it leaves our competition in the dust.

To summarize, AFF A250 is simpler, faster, and more efficient than any entry-level AFF system we’ve ever launched. To learn more about the NetApp AFF A250 array, visit the AFF A-Series arrays page. You can also register for NetApp INSIGHT® to dive deeper into the AFF A250 details and get access to the AFF A250 virtual tour and demo.

Saurabh Modh

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