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AFF A-Series All Flash Arrays

Don’t settle for inferior NVMe. Moving to NetApp end-to-end NVMe gives you up to a 230% performance gain. Other vendors only deliver 6%. The choice is clear.

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Software Features
Features and Software Included with ONTAP Software
  • Efficiency: FlexVol®, inline deduplication, inline compression, inline compaction, and thin provisioning
  • Availability: Active-Active HA pair and Multipath I/O
  • Data protection: RAID-DP®, RAID TEC, and Snapshot®
  • Synchronous replication for disaster recovery: MetroCluster™
  • Performance Control: Adaptive quality of service (QoS), balanced placement
  • Management: OnCommand® Workflow Automation, ONTAP System Manager, and Active IQ Unified Manager
  • Scalable NAS container: FlexGroup
  • Storage protocols supported: NVMe/FC, FC, FCoE, iSCSl, NFS, pNFS, SMB
Flash Bundle
  • SnapRestore®: Back up and restore entire Snapshot copies in seconds
  • SnapMirror®: Simple, flexible replication for backup and disaster recovery
  • FlexClone®: Instant virtual copies of files, LUNs, and volumes
  • SnapCenter®: Unified, scalable platform and plug-in suite for application-consistent data protection and clone management
  • SnapManager®: Application-consistent data backup and recovery for enterprise applications
Extended Value Software (optional)
  • OnCommand Insight: Flexible, efficient resource management for heterogeneous environments
  • SnapLock®: Compliance software for write once, read many (WORM) protection
  • Volume Encryption (free license): Granular, volume-level, data-at-rest encryption
  • FabricPool: Automatic data tiering to the cloud
  • SnapMirror Synchronous: Synchronous data replication with zero data loss (RPO=0)
  • NetApp Data Availability Services: Cloud native backup solution for NetApp ONTAP storage.
  • FlexCache: Cloud native backup solution for NetApp ONTAP storage.

Models & Specifications

  AFF A800 Product Demo AFF A700s Product Demo AFF A700 Product Demo AFF A320 Product Demo AFF A300 Product Demo AFF A220 Product Demo
Print Specs Table print AFF A800 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A700s 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A700 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A320 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A300 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A220 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right
Best for Most demanding workloads requiring ultra-low latency Performance-driven workloads and data center requiring small foot-print Performance-driven workloads and data centers requiring maximum expandability Enterprise applications that require the best performance at value Enterprise applications that require performance and scalability Mid-size businesses that require balanced performance and cost
Maximum scale-out 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes
Maximum SSD 2880 2592 5760 576 4608 1728
Max Effective Capacity [1] 316.3PB 316.3PB 702.7PB 35PB 562.2PB 193.3PB
Controller Chassis Form Factor 4U 4U 8U 2U 3U 2U
  1. Effective capacity based on 5:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed; space savings will vary dependent on workload and use cases.

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