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AI in the automotive industry: How AI is taking the wheel.

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Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara

More than ever before, customers’ needs, behaviors, and expectations are changing the automotive industry. To stay at the forefront of automotive innovation, artificial intelligence is no longer optional— it’s a prerequisite for industry leaders. Large datasets now make it possible to gain critical insights into roadways, people, and processes to further advancements in autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service (MaaS), and connected vehicles. And with Industry 4.0, the analytical and predictive power of AI is now revolutionizing the factory floor.

Autonomous vehicles

Mountains of data collected from cars, trucks, and even cargo ships are rapidly transferring driving responsibilities from human to machine. This data, combined with trained AI software and computer vision, enables AVs to accurately see their environment and make safe, real-time decisions without human intervention. As autonomous driving projects progress, autonomous driving teams can soon expect to accumulate hundreds of petabytes to exabytes of data. But to make actionable insights possible, the teams need an efficient data pipeline that spans edge, core, and cloud.

Mobility as a service

MaaS represents a huge opportunity for business growth. In fact, by the first year of autonomous taxi availability the United States alone is expected to reach 108 billion miles of demand. Through pay-per-use services like robotaxis and autonomous deliveries, creative companies are inventing new ways to transport customers and consumer goods. NetApp® AI solutions for automotive connect vehicles in mobility fleets to data centers, so companies get access to real-time data about customers and their desired routes.

Connected vehicles and services

Vehicles are moving to Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, connecting to the internet for seamless integration of entertainment, navigation features, and service reminders. AI, combined with natural language processing, enables in-car personal assistants to understand and respond to human speech. Soon connected vehicles will interact with one another to alleviate driving difficulties and make smart cities even smarter. Sharing data globally to enable connected-car development is where NetApp shines.

Smart manufacturing

Through AI, Industry 4.0 has revolutionized manufacturing, from process and efficiency management to quality control, intelligent maintenance, and more. In the automotive industry, unplanned downtime, or any misstep in the quality-control process, can cost manufacturers millions – or even billions – of dollars. NetApp AI solutions for manufacturing integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, delivering the performance, mobility, protection, and scalability you need to stay ahead of the game and reap the benefits of operating a smart factory.

Buckle up. AI is ready to go. Are you?

Today’s automotive AI workflows must connect across the organization, link large volumes of data from multiple sources, and seamlessly extend to the cloud. To experience the full horsepower that AI has to offer, you need a data infrastructure that provides the required speed, data mobility, and instant access to data. The good news is that NetApp has the experience and know-how to get you there.

Learn more about NetApp AI solutions for automotive.

Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara is a senior product and solution marketing leader at NetApp with over 25 years of data management and cloud storage marketing experience. Before joining NetApp over ten years ago, Mike worked at Adaptec, Dell EMC, and HPE. Mike was a key team leader driving the launch of a first-party cloud storage offering and the industry’s first cloud-connected AI/ML solution (NetApp), unified scale-out and hybrid cloud storage system and software (NetApp), iSCSI and SAS storage system and software (Adaptec), and Fibre Channel storage system (EMC CLARiiON).

In addition to his past role as marketing chairperson for the Fibre Channel Industry Association, he is a member of the Ethernet Technology Summit Conference Advisory Board, a member of the Ethernet Alliance, a regular contributor to industry journals, and a frequent event speaker. Mike also published a book through FriesenPress titled "Scale-Out Storage - The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management" and was listed as a top 50 B2B product marketer to watch by Kapos.

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