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Natural language processing for next-generation AI

It's not easy being a robot. For natural language processing to work, robots have to process, understand, and reference input against a ridiculous amount of data and create an intelligible response—in milliseconds. Give them a break with AI/ML data solutions that help remove bottlenecks and accelerate your data pipeline from edge to core to cloud.

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What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing—also known as NLP. Also known as conversational AI. Also known as talking robots. Whatever you call it, it's an application of machine learning that trains computer programs to understand human speech. According to Gartner, by 2022, up to 70% of people will be interacting with conversational AI platforms on a daily basis.

Why NetApp for NLP

For real-time natural language processing, data must be able to flow quickly and freely throughout each step of your data pipeline. With  NetApp® ONTAP® AI powered by NVIDIA DGX systems and NetApp cloud-connected all-flash storage systems, massive, state-of-the-art language models can be trained and optimized to perform inference rapidly.

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Conversational AI: easier said than done

Over time, the size of conversational AI models has grown to millions or billions of parameters. The more data, the more accurate the model. Training models of this size can take weeks of compute time and requires the best-of-the-best machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) frameworks. To do it well, you must plan to shift from a tactical to a strategic use of natural language.

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Increase productivity

Provide automated support 24/7 to handle simple requests, while customer service teams respond to other concerns more quickly and reduce resolution times.

Improve customer experience

Virtual agents powered by conversational AI can deliver information faster and more accurately than humans.

Accelerate innovation

With AI, you can detect fraud, optimize the supply chain, and provide innovative products and services.

Reduce costs

Customer care can be a huge cost. Virtual assistants can handle more requests faster – and when trained right, can improve relevance, accuracy, and complexity over time.

AI industry solutions from NetApp

Conversational AI is revolutionizing business in every industry with applications like virtual agents, chatbots, and assistants. Take a look at some of the industries we serve.

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NetApp AI solutions and open-source software

Leverage the complete portfolio of NetApp® AI solutions to support everything you need to accelerate your data pipeline.

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