Computer vision applications for AI: Unlock data faster to see more clearly

Train your computer vision workloads faster with crazy-simplified data management that removes bottlenecks at the edge, the core, and the cloud. It also keeps your computer vision API from confusing a chihuahua with a blueberry muffin.

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What is computer vision?

Computer vision is a field of AI that trains computers to capture and interpret information from image and video data. By applying machine learning (ML) models to images, computers can classify objects and respond—like unlocking your smartphone when it recognizes your face. From enhancing your selfies with a fun fox filter to detecting lung lesions in medical images, computer vision has more applications than a college administrator’s inbox.

Why NetApp for AI

Computer vision depends on scale-out, file-based storage. We’re talking about billions of files. Lucky for you, NetApp is positioned as a leader in the IDC MarketScape for worldwide scale-out, file-based storage.

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Data is the key to clearer computer vision

To incorporate machine learning algorithms, a computer vision application requires massive quantities of data and significant computing power. And if it doesn’t get them, it’s going to need to speak to a manager. But when trained right, an accurate AI model can be life-saving.

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Accelerate innovation

Detect fraud, improve customer experience, and deliver innovative products and services—faster.

Improve employee efficiency

Automate and complete repetitive tasks faster, simplifying work for humans and boost efficiency.

Improve accuracy

Leave no room for errors. Computer vision is more accurate than human vision, driving huge advantages for applications such as image-based early cancer detection.

Reduce costs

Reduce manual labor costs; after a computer is trained, it can repeat the same tasks at a minimal cost.

AI industry solutions from NetApp

Organizations across a wide range of industries are using computer vision and machine learning to gain valuable insights from the massive amounts of data they generate.

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Computer vision for healthcare

Help radiologists do their jobs more efficiently and accurately—and reduce burnout.

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Financial services and AI

Detect fraud, resolve credit card billing disputes, and improve security.

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Deep learning for automotive

Enable self-driving vehicles to classify and detect stoplights, pedestrians, and road conditions to identify obstacles and avoid accidents.

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NetApp AI solutions and open-source software

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