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unified data storage

Go beyond combined file, block, and object protocols. Advance what you and your business can do with a truly unified operating environment for any data type, workload, or application.

The new way to unified is here

Smarter data storage transforms how you work

Welcome to the unified revolution. Innovate faster. Operate more efficiently. Better secure your company’s data infrastructure. It’s all yours when you decide to do data smarter, not harder.

Get ready to evolve

Smarter data storage is smart business

One unified operating system grants you complete control over your data on-premises and across every major cloud.

Native in all major clouds

Fully-integrated to scale in the cloud while controlling costs.

Get smarter data storage

Our customers know that when they store data smarter, they can operate on an entirely different level—one that activates business growth and advances their business like never before.

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With NetApp, our data infrastructure has the agility of flash storage and the security of replication capabilities in the cloud.

Mark Cao, IT Manager, Herschel Supply Co.

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NetApp AIPod consolidates a data center’s worth of analytics, training, and inference computing into a single, integrated system. We can easily get our AI and machine learning workloads up and running without worrying about setting up our own AI infrastructure.

Anri Kitami, Software Engineering Specialist, Pong Yuen

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To store sensitive genomics and health data, we have to use the right technology with layers of security built in. With NetApp, we can be very confident that we are sharing the right data only to authorized researchers.

Mark Cowley, Deputy Director, Children’s Cancer Institute

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Integrating Fujitsu compute and NetApp leads to greater speeds, more flexibility, reliability and performance. DelftBlue enables us, in a much easier way, to solve complex problems, including renewable energy, climate change, food production, and water conservation. All of this is now possible.

Kees Vuik, Professor of Numerical Analysis, TU Delft

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