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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

: Easily launch, run, and scale apps on AWS

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP brings the intelligent data management capabilities of NetApp® ONTAP® to a native AWS managed service that delivers one consistent user experience. It offers the compute, security, monitoring, and data services you need—integrated with the complete NetApp portfolio.

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Lower your storage infrastructure costs by almost a third

The Forrester Consulting study, “The Total Economic Impact of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP” examines the cost savings that interviewed organizations achieved when they adopted FSx for ONTAP for shared file storage. The Forrester study found that shifting from on premises to AWS storage delivered annual infrastructure cost savings of 31% for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers. Our webinar breaks it down for you and distills specific cloud migration benefits.

Extend and migrate enterprise apps with ease

With multiprotocol support for Linux, Windows, and iSCSI instances, you can run applications in AWS without changing how you store or manage your data.

Unlock true performance

Accelerate demanding workloads like GenAI or seismic analysis with blistering performance from a file system that scales to 12 HA pairs delivering up to 72 GBps of read throughput, up to 2.4 million SSD IOPs, and 1 PiB of SSD storage.

Get real-time data protection

FSx for ONTAP enables broadly accessible data that’s protected and secure, compliant and governed, analyzed and monitored.

Build and test cloud-native apps faster

Achieve success by implementing and maintaining infrastructure as code, making it faster and easier than ever to develop new applications.

Case studies

Why NetApp and AWS

We’re committed to helping you navigate data challenges and get more value from the cloud. With NetApp cloud solutions, you maintain full control over your data across hybrid cloud environments. Get the same performance and efficiencies you’d expect on premises but readily available in the AWS cloud—all from one ONTAP environment.

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Unlock the full potential of enterprise data for AI

NetApp BlueXP workload factory enables customers to experiment with, deploy, and manage a secure RAG-enabled GenAI infrastructure by using FSx for ONTAP in conjunction with Amazon Bedrock.

Get practical AI guidance

A joint AWS and NetApp reference architecture that provides guidance on leveraging the value of FSx for ONTAP data and GenAI with Amazon Bedrock.

Use cases

Select a tab to learn how Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP can meet your unique business challenges.

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Next steps

Customers in every global industry rely on NetApp, our network of channel partners, and teams of cloud data specialists. Together, we’ll make it easy for you to adopt fully managed Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

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