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Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

A fully managed file storage service in Google Cloud

Lift and optimize on-premises apps into Google Cloud and run your mission-critical workloads easily, securely, and cost-efficiently—without refactoring code or redesigning processes.

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Where power meets simplicity

High performance. Low effort.

About 65% of enterprise apps require shared file storage, but file storage hasn't always been the cloud’s strong suit. Until now. Rapidly and securely migrate, run, and protect enterprise applications and workloads on Google Cloud—all without refactoring code or redesigning processes or teams. Save time, costs, and headaches with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes by the numbers

    • 100GiB to 100TiB

    • volume provisioning in seconds

    • 4.5GiB/s throughput

    • Up to 4.5GiB/s throughput for high-performance workloads

    • 255 Snapshots

    • Up to 255 NetApp® Snapshot™ copies per volume

Lift and optimize business-critical applications and workloads in minutes

Easily migrate and manage your enterprise applications and workloads with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes. It’s a fully managed file storage service in Google Cloud, built on NetApp ONTAP® technology. Get high-performance enterprise-grade storage, multiprotocol file support for file sharing, business applications, remote data replication, and comprehensive data protection—all on the most trusted and secure cloud.

Take the work out of migrating Windows workloads

Work smarter, not harder. Quickly deploy and run Windows applications and workloads with no refactoring, operational changes, or loss of performance. Simplify Windows file server deployments to support file server consolidation, virtual desktop infrastructure, and faster application migration.

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Turbocharge your SAP journey to the cloud

Seamlessly lift and optimize SAP applications and workloads, and gain reduced compute requirements with failover support for multinode deployments. Get the agility, speed, and security you need with fully managed file storage and multiprotocol file support on Google Cloud’s high-performance infrastructure.

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Migrate and modernize your VMware infrastructure

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes decouples storage from compute, so you can rapidly lift and transform your storage-heavy VMware estates in Google Cloud. Take the fastest path to the cloud for VMware workloads—without making changes to existing applications or operating models—and lower your TCO.

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Simplicity. Performance. Compliance.

Get the performance, availability, and security required to migrate and run your enterprise workloads in the cloud—without breaking the bank.

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Simplify migration

Simplify how you migrate and run traditional and cloud-native applications in Google Cloud, thanks to multiprotocol support for SMB, NFS, and iSCSI workloads. Seamlessly lift and optimize mission-critical Windows, VMware, Linux, and SAP workloads without refactoring.

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Protect and secure your data

It’s no longer if you will experience a ransomware attack, unplanned data loss, or natural disaster— it’s when. Enable data governance across your entire data estate with the built-in protection, threat detection, and rapid recovery capabilities of NetApp cyber-resilience solutions and Google Cloud’s secure-by-design foundation.

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Automate storage and reduce spending

Automated storage means more optimization and less overprovisioning. Minimize costs with zero-footprint Snapshot copies, and take advantage of Google Cloud’s simple and flexible committed use discounts and no upfront costs.

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By using a combination of NetApp and Google Cloud solutions, we’ve been able to decouple storage from our underlying infrastructure to make better use of our resources and accelerate app development.

Louis Verzi, Principal Engineer, Cardinal Health

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Performance tiers built for your needs

Find the right performance fit for your workload and adjust capacity on demand. Draw down your Google Cloud commitment. And get your charges on one integrated Google Cloud bill.

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Woot woot! We’re a Google Cloud Partner of the Year

NetApp is proud to be named a Google Cloud Partner of the Year in two key categories. We’ve been recognized for creating industry-leading solutions and strong customer experiences with Google Cloud.

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Ready to roll?

It’s easy to get started and provision volumes in just a few clicks. Access and run your apps with flexible shared storage.

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Get full details

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes can be the catalyst to build and scale workloads in the cloud. Explore the features and implementation details.

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Book a 1:1 session

Our specialists are standing by. We can help you create your first volumes, understand management capabilities, and get a behind-the-scenes walkthrough of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

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