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Azure NetApp Files

Migrate, run, and scale your file-based apps in Microsoft Azure without re-architecting or sacrificing performance. Compliance and security are built in – and delivered with one consistent user experience. 

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Why Azure NetApp Files?

Companies are searching for ways to accelerate innovation in the cloud without sacrificing performance, reliability, security, or business-critical data management. Azure NetApp Files is a fully managed Microsoft service, powered by NetApp, that will take your business applications and workloads to the cloud faster and more securely than ever before. Now with cold data management for Azure NetApp Files. Drastically lower TCO for native cloud storage.

Performance by the numbers

    • 99.99%
    • availability
    • 10.0 GiBps
    • per volume
    • 500 TiB
    • per volume

Use cases

Unlock business value with AI capabilities

Securely blend your proprietary data with public LLMs to make your queries more relevant—and competitive. Pair fast Azure NetApp Files storage with Azure OpenAI Service to power highly available GenAI workloads.

Reduce time, risk, and resource load

Enterprise applications like SAP are critical to your success. Ensure your data and business processes remain safe and reliable in the cloud. Unlock the full capabilities of Azure without extra risk, cost, or time. Trust Azure NetApp Files, an Azure storage service certified for use with SAP HANA.

Save and simplify with VMware on Azure

Azure NetApp Files datastore support for Azure VMware Solution is designed to create a seamless experience. Fully supported and certified by Azure with VMware, this solution decouples storage from compute, allowing you migrate and manage your VMware workloads for less overall cost and complexity.

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Migrate databases to the cloud

Manage your cloud migration easily with Azure NetApp Files, which brings simplicity and security for all major databases. This Azure storage service offers true enterprise performance and scalability, so you can store and retrieve data across thousands of connections without risking business continuity.

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Azure NetApp Files is built for simplicity, performance, and compliance. Gain a better understanding of your infrastructure, achieve high performance and reliability requirements, and protect and optimize your services.



Support for multiple protocols – at the same time – enables lift and shift of both Linux and Windows applications to run seamlessly in Azure. 


Get peace of mind with an industry-leading security and compliance portfolio. Critical capabilities include FIPS-140-2-compliant data encryption at rest, choose from Microsoft-managed or customer-managed keys, RBAC, AD authentication, and export policies for network-based ACLs.


Deep integrations with Azure enable a seamless and secure experience with pre-existing infrastructure. Say goodbye to the steep learning curves holding you back.


Migrate critical workloads to Azure with a service that supports compliance for GDPR and HIPAA, is certified for SAP HANA, and has achieved FedRAMP authorization.

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We wanted on-premises-like performance for our reservoir simulation and analysis software. We were thrilled to see Azure NetApp Files exceeding our expectations with a performance increase of more than 5 times.

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Get expert guidance

We’re committed to helping you navigate data challenges and get more value from the cloud. Sign up to get a free 1:1 customized onboarding session for Azure NetApp Files and learn performance and networking tips to achieve maximum benefit from day one.

Performance-aligned pricing

Azure NetApp Files comes with three performance tiers, Standard, Premium, and Ultra, which can be provisioned and changed on-the-fly with a simple click. This flexibility allows you to choose a performance tier that’s aligned with your workload requirements and to manage your spending.

Purchase Azure NetApp Files and get support through your existing Azure agreement, with no up-front or separate term agreement.

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