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SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure


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Whether to migrate to the cloud is no longer much of a question for enterprises using SAP HANA. Now, it’s a matter of how. Cloud migration still presents challenges and risks—sometimes, it can feel as if you’re stumbling in the dark.

With the right solutions, your SAP ship can safely navigate cloud waters:

  • Better performance—more IOPS with lower latencies.

  • Flexibility—faster development and deployment of applications.

  • Reduce costs—a smaller data footprint, dramatically lower backup costs, a choice of performance tiers, and more.

  • Comprehensive data protection—nearly instant backup and restore capabilities and easy disaster recovery.

Let NetApp® be your lighthouse that helps you dock your SAP HANA environment on Azure.


Azure NetApp Files: Your SAP HANA migration autopilot 

Moving SAP workloads to Azure can provide the stability and agility your business demands. But if you don’t have specialized storage or data expertise, this task can feel daunting. And you don’t have the time or resources to build your own file infrastructure. Surely there’s a better way to migrate. 

Meet Azure NetApp Files. This fully managed service is built for simplicity, performance, and compliance—with this service, your SAP landscape can move to Azure faster and more securely than ever before. You can put your ship’s wheel on autopilot and focus on your priorities—not on managing your cloud migration. 

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Hoisting the sails for HANA Enterprise Cloud

When SAP was building a new enterprise cloud, they needed solutions to help customers get to market faster. And after 20 years of innovation partnership, SAP knew NetApp was the right infrastructure partner to support the launch of HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC). 

Azure NetApp Files empowers HANA Enterprise Cloud to deliver the simplicity, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness needed to accelerate customer paths to the cloud. Sails hoisted, wind at our backs…full speed ahead to the cloud. 

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CONA Services tackles uncharted territory

You’ve heard of Coca-Cola. Odds are you have one of their products in your fridge. With so much product moving daily, Coca-Cola bottlers’ IT provider, CONA Services, has one of the world’s largest SAP HANA instances. So, when CONA decided to tackle an Azure migration, they knew they were headed into uncharted territory. 

Partnered with Capgemini, Microsoft, SAP, and NetApp, CONA Services completed one of the world’s largest cloud migrations—delivering faster performance, lower costs, and better data insights. 

HANSA-FLEX launches fleet of workloads in record time

When hydraulics expert at HANSA-FLEX needed to update their SAP systems, they knew it was time to make the move to HANA. Using Azure NetApp Files, HANSA-FLEX achieved its fastest cloud migration to date, deploying a fleet of 20 performance-intensive and latency-sensitive workloads in Azure—in record time. 

Post migration, HANSA-FLEX’s SAP database used two-thirds less space, providing major infrastructure cost savings. 


Why should I run my SAP environment on Azure?

Hosting SAP on Azure means that your databases get support from both SAP and Microsoft Azure. You’ll experience high availability, rapid disaster recovery, and accelerated backups. 

How will running SAP applications on Azure affect availability?

Our solutions for SAP running on Azure enable you to deliver 99.99% availability.

What performance and latency can I expect for my SAP applications?

With Azure NetApp Files, you can expect fast response times and high throughout, enabling a seamless customer experience.

How can I migrate my SAP data to Azure?

To learn how to ease SAP migration with Azure NetApp Files, check out our blog.

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